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TRex Review: Download T-rex Miner Cryptocurrency Mining Software

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Looking for a T-rex miner? Want to use and download T-rex miner software? Then you should read this article before proceeding.

TRex is an NVIDIA-optimized multi-algorithm mining software that most NVIDIA GPU miners do use. It supports 16 mining algorithms including ethash, etchash, octopus, autolykos2, kawpow, blake3, firopow,  mtp, mtp-tcr multi, progpow progpowz, progpow-veriblock, progpow-veil, tensority , X16R, X16RT, MTP, X16S, Lyra2z, and BCD.

You can use it in both Linux and Windows systems. It allows you to mine major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, ETC, Ravencoin, Zilliqa, Ergo, Flux, and more.

There is a fee of 1% and 2% for Octopus, Autolykos2, and dual mining modes involving them

Trex Miner Download

While downloading TRex miner software you need to understand that you must download software from the official source. TrexMiner username has released and announced software on Bitcointalk on 7th July 2018. Click here to visit the BitcoinTalk link.

You can also visit the Trex miner GitHub link here. Do cross-check their official announcement on BitcoinTalk.

The latest release on GitHub was on 15th March 2022, while a new update has been added following things.

  • Allow setting “LHR dual ratio” parameter for ETH+ALPH dual mining, e.g. –dual-algo-mode a12:r10:lr12 (dual ratio 10, LHR dual ratio 12)

  • (Linux) Display memory temperature for GPUs with GDDR6X memory type (requires administrative privileges)Bug fixes:

  • (progpow) Miner frequently disconnects from the pool when mining SERO

Following are the links shared on the BitcoinTalk announcement.

Latest version:
LHR unlock guide:
Dual mining guide:
WebUI guide:

Note: Do not use any third-party website to download software, there are sites like https://trexminer.info/ and https://trex-miner.com/ that are not official sites hence I do not suggest using them.

How To Stop TRex Miner

Want to stop your running TRex miner? It is necessary to know how it works and at the same time, you should know how to stop it as well.

I would suggest checking out this Reedit thread to understand how you can stop your T-Rex Miner through a command in Linux (maybe you can find out help for Windows as well).

HiveOS Alternatives

If you are not happy with the performance of HiveOS then you may like to try other best HiveOS alternatives.

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