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CyberTrade Review: Revolution In Blockchain, Crypto, & NFT Gaming

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The gaming and crypto industry is growing very fast. More and more people are getting enjoyed in games and crypto. Crypto is definitely a revolutionary finding that is powered by blockchain. NFT is one of the major chunks of crypto or blockchain.

The gaming industry has grown from 1.85 billion users in 2014 to 2.725 billion in 2021. People love to play free games more and also want to earn at the same time. CyberTrade is the solution for gamers who wants to play and earn.

Let’s understand Cyberttrade and its feature.

What Is CyberTrade?

CyberTrade is a fully NFT based game that is a built-in 3D Unity Engine where you become the boss of all bosses and earn. It is built by QORPO which is an NFT metaverse leader in central Europe.  CyberTrade is an open-world MMO RPG game based on Binance Smart Chain.

QORPO is a registered company at the following address Vajnorska 100/883104 Bratislava, Slovakia. They have already developed a QORPO wallet, market, and studio, which is actively used by more than 250K users.

CyberTrade TokenSale

If you are an investor or a defi user then you may have aware of their token sale or IDO which is going to be live on PolkaStarter soon.

Note: There are many phishing websites and telegram groups actively adding members from the official group. Always do cross-check from the official website and social media platforms.

Before the launch of the token sale already more than 163K users has Pre-registered on the platform. Following is the information regarding their token sale.

IDO Platform: PolkaStarter

Contract Address: 0xd36bb7849a8c50b509bae872f44d5c1c7dc0e96c (Verify on Website)

Tokensale Price: $0.08

MarketCap: $720K

They have got backed by Maven Capital, BGA, ZBS Capital, VB Ventures, Gains Associates, Whales, FireStarter, DAO, and Binance NFT.

Top CyberTrade Features

Following are the features which stand for Cybertrade different from their competitors.

Cyber Drag Races

They have three different types of races, 1on1, 1on7, and tournament. The first type can be played with other players either automatically matched player or invite. 1on7 game will be played in between 7 different players at the same time. The third one is the Tournament which will get played between different players as per Tournament rules.

In this game, you don’t need any special-looking car but cars will be NFT cards just like fighters and bosses, you can get them from the marketplace or community market and in-game.

Each car has 4 attributes Speed, Acceleration, Traction, and Handling, a level, and different tier. You can upgrade your car specification as you wish to do.


Well if there is car gaming then there must be cars and awesome cars. Common vehicles can be minted in 6 pieces, different types of vehicles will be minted in different pieces for more info on this check out their whitepaper.


As said earlier this is a play and earn game, you can earn free rewards by doing simple tasks like daily log in and completing weekly tasks.


Fighters are available in different types like Assasin, Defender, Warrior, Medi, and Tank. All of them have their own different skills and powers. You can use them according to the game and will. The most common of them is Assassin.

Play & Earn

With Cybertrade you can earn Cybercash in every game you play, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose but you will still earn free Cybercash.

CyberTrade Links

Website: https://cybertrade.game

Telegram: https://t.me/CyberTradeGame

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyberTradeGame

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5367372.msg58260738#msg58260738

Whitepaper: https://cybertrade.game/assets/base/Cyber-Whitepaper.pdf

Tokenomics: https://cybertrade.game/assets/base/tokenometrics.pdf

IDO: https://polkastarter.com/projects/cybertrade

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