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Crypto-Games.Net Trusted and Popular Casino Game

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Crypto-Games.Net is one of the oldest and trusted online gambling websites, It was launched in May 2014 with seven different cryptocurrencies which they accept to play are; bitcoin, Dogecoin, Grid, Lite, Dash, Peer, Ethereum, and Monerocoin. Crypto-Games.Net offers provably fair and secure algorithms and no registration required to play there. They offer several types of games such as Blackjack, Slot, Plinko, Dice, Roulette & Lotto

Here is the official announcement of Crypto-Games.Net on BitcoinTalk.org click on me.

Crypto-Games Features

Deposit and Withdrawals

Crypto-Games.net is simple and easy to play and transact your amount. Amazing thing is that they offer a total of nine cryptocurrencies to perform on their site. Players can choose which currency they want to deposit or withdraw their funds. And one more thing is that  Crypto-Games.Net will cover the transaction fees.

Minimal withdraw  0.002 BTC and minimal deposit 0.0001 BTC


Crypto-Games, there are six games available to play with your cryptocurrency are; Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Dogecoin Plinko, Lotto, and every time favorite game for gamblers Dice. Their developers are continuing to add more suitable games for users

Proof of Funds

Crypto-Games.Net is really one of the transparent online gambling websites. They share proof of their fund on bitcointalk.org click on me.

Bitcoin cold wallet 1707.25 BTC

Ethereum cold wallet 21603 ETH

For more details visit their BitcoinTalk.org thread click on me.

Faucet every 3 minute

Users can claim free coin from Crypto-Games from 150 to 6150 satoshi every 3 minutes and 1 IP per claim.

Invest in Bankroll

Crypto-Games.Net share profit of 70% with investors minimum investment period is 24 hours and the profit was calculated once every hour.


On Crypto-Games.Net there is a jackpot for every user who won their rolls is 7.777 or 77,777  your roll is a winning roll and also if the last two digits of your dice bet ID is 77. If you bet for  0.005 or more than you are eligible for a jackpot of 100% of the jackpot. You will lose a crumb of the jackpot in proportion to far below 0.005 BTC you bet there. So if you bet 0.0025 BTC, you would get only 50% of the BTC to bet in jackpot by you.

Crypto-Games.Net has currently a jackpot of 3.27 BTC (at the time of writing this post).

Affiliate Program

Every new member who joins under you and invests any amount of coin (minimal deposit 0.0001 BTC) coin in Crypto-Games.Net you will get a commission of 25% housing edge. This is almost more than any other gambling site.


If you are a user of BitcoinTalk.org and you have Jr.member position there then you will get a giveaway of 5000 satoshis every hour for more detail click here.

They also have a giveaway of free dogecoin lottery tickets, for more info you can find details on their thread on bitcointalk.org click on me.


Account and Security

On Crypto-Games does not require registration, when you switch to the site you will get a unique ID to play automatically. But for own safety, it’s better to register on the site to avoid losing passwords and etc details.

Every user wants to secure their account and Crypto-Games.Net is very concerned about this that’s why they offer a feature of Google Two-Factor Authentication.


Contact Support

Solving problems and complaints on the website is the first priority of Crypto-Games.Net, as they offer contact service for 24/7 to their users. They also offer support via social sites

To get help on Twitter

To get help on Facebook

To get help on BitcoinTalk

To get help on Google+

To get help on [email protected]


Video to start


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