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CoinoMize Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Bitcoin Tumbler

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Nowadays when Bitcoin Tumblers or Bitcoin Mixers are getting closed there is CoinoMize Review which has consistently served Bitcoin users since 2020.

If you are here then it means you want to know if Coinomize is really trusted place to get your Bitcoin Mixed or not and more details about Coinomize.

In this CoinoMize Review, we will take their user’s thoughts and figure out how legit and secure they are. Also, we will take a look at the alternatives that we can use.

Let’s start Coinomize Review with some of the basic parts like the detail of Coinomize. You can support us by joining CoinoMize using our Referral Link.

What Is CoinoMize?

CoinoMize is a Bitcoin Mixer service provider where Bitcoin holders can get their Bitcoin Mixed and receive fresh Bitcoin that has no past transaction records with them. It is a proven fact that you can’t hide your transactions without using Bitcoin Tumblers.

The CoinoMize was first introduced or launched on May 2019, announced on the BitcoinTalk forum. It is one of those Bitcoin Mixers that gives you the letter of guarantee with each signed transaction by their public address.

The minimum amount you can get your Bitcoin mixed is 0.0015 BTC. Once you send your Bitcoin to their pool or node, they mix it with the coins of other users and send you back fresh coins.

CoinoMize says to choose high fees in order to get more fresh coins.

CoinoMize Features

Following are the major features of CoinoMize and this is what they claimed to be worth paying a high amount fee.

Letter Of Guarantee

Letter of Guarantee works as proof that the displayed Bitcoin address comes from their servers and it is legit too. It is important for you to download the Letter of Guarantee before you send your Bitcoin to their address.

It also works when you need any kind of support from them like not receiving coins etc. I recommended keeping this letter with you till you receive your coins.

Only 1 Confirmation Required

You don’t have to wait for long. Some mixer asks you to wait till 2 or more confirmation are done but with Coinomize your mixing will start just after 1 confirmation.

Up To 5 Output Addresses

You can add up to 5 different output or withdrawal addresses. You get a chance to choose the amount you want to withdraw from each address.

Choose Own Fees

There is a minimum fee of 1% and a maximum fee of 5% plus a 0.0003 BTC fixed blockchain fee. You can either put a fee of 1% or 5% or any other number, it depends on you.

But the website says that if you choose higher fees then you will get more fresh coins.

Available In 11 Languages

CoinoMize is available in 11 different languages including German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Nederlands, Polski, and English.

Instant Mixing

You can get your Bitcoin mixed instantly and it may take up to last 72 hours. Depends on many factors and fees. You might have to look at the amount you want to mix, the fees you choose, the address you put, etc.

No Logs Policy

The website says No Logs but they store Logs on your will, which means if you want them to store your transaction details then they will keep them with them.  They delete all orders or logs as you have chosen them to get deleted.

You can also delete them anytime by yourself. But make sure you download the Letter of Guarantee before deleting any logs.

Referral Program

They are running an impressive referral program where you can earn 40% commission on your friend’s transaction fee. Suppose any of your friends have converted 1000 USD worth of Bitcoin and a paid fee of 5% which is equal to $50 then you will get 40% of it which is equal to $20.

You can use our link to sign up and support us.

CoinoMize App

CoinoMize has a mobile app for Android devices which is available in APK format only. But I do not recommend using their apps.

Websites are easy and the best way to get your coins mixed. Apps can get crashed or hacked at any time. APK files may come with scam malware as well.

CoinoMize Is Legit Or Scam

CoinoMize is a legit Bitcoin mixer site. They are active on Bitcointalk where most of the Bitcoin tumblers announce their projects and users share their thoughts.

After analyzing their thread on bitcointalk I didn’t find anything wrong with them.  The only thing users were complaining about them was, why to use CloudFlare as it stores most of the data of users.

After that, they announced that Coinomize is no longer using Cloudflare.

CoinoMize admin also has no negative reviews on his profile.

Website: They have three different domains. Other than the following domains are scams.

BitcoinTalk Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5247623

Tor Link: http://coino2q64k4fg3lkjsnhjeydzwykw22a56u5nf2rdfzkjuy3jbwvypqd.onion

CoinoMize Alternatives

Following are the trusted and highly recommended Bitcoin Mixer sites. click here to visit the Bitcoin Mixer List.

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