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List Of 10 Best Bitcoin Mixer And Bitcoin Blender 2022

by cryptocreed
Best Bitcoin Mixer And Blender

Last Updated on March 8, 2022 by cryptocreed

If you are new in the Crypto world then you may think that Bitcoin is a decentralized, fast, transparent, and anonymous currency. No, it is not fully anonymous. Anyone can track your transactions if he has your BTC address, after all, Bitcoin is transparent too. For some people, this is a problem because they don’t like that people came to know how many BTC they hold or transact. As we know every problem has a solution, here Bitcoin Mixer is a solution. With the help of Bitcoin Mixers, you can transact Bitcoin anonymously.

There is a number of Bitcoin Mixer sites. Some of them are a scam, some of them have high fees and some of them has low security of the site. Many people call it Bitcoin Tumbler and bitcoin laundry too.

What Is A Bitcoin Mixer?

Bitcoin mixer or bitcoin blenders are the platforms that allow users to send bitcoin and receive the BTC from different wallets. You receive the new BTC which has no connection with your wallet address. It means no one can track you.

How Does Bitcoin Blender?

You send your BTC to the Mixer site, they mix your coins and provide you new fresh coins the coins which are not traceable. Bitcoin mixer is not a free service.

Here is the list of some best BTC tumbler services. We are not promoting any services below.

Features Of Bitcoin Mixer

The bitcoin blender or mixers have one common feature and it is anonymity, which means you can get bitcoin anonymously without anyone knowing you.

  • Anonymous
  • No logs
  • No third party 
  • Easy to use
  • Low fee
  • Delay payment

This feature ensures you that you are safe while mixing bitcoin.


08/March/2022: Moved BitMix under “Scam Bitcoin Tumblers”.

Top Best Bitcoin Mixer Service


Chipmixer is one of the most trusted Bitcoin tumblers that was launched in the year 2017. It is one of the unique mixers on our list, as they provide you already funded wallet or chips which can be in different sizes from 0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC, and so on to 4.096 BTC.

You do not need to create an account to mix your BTC. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC with 1 blockchain confirmation.

TOR Link: http://chipmixerwzxtzbw.onion

ChipMixer Fees: Pay as much as you want

BitcoinTalk Signature: To join the signature campaign you must be at least Sr. Member. Click here to join.


MixTum is different from other classic mixers, it was launched in the year 2018. It doesn’t store any amount of coin in one place but exchanges incoming bitcoins with coins purchased from investors –  cryptocurrency stock exchanges. 

The total time will take around 6 hours to get your coin back. Anyone can become an investor. The minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC to 50 BTC.

Another benefit of Mixtum is that you will get 24/7 hours of tech support. No logs are stored. Users can get a free trial on-demand.

TOR Link: http://mixtum5lbuslyow2.onion

Mixtum Fees: Random 4% – 5% + 0.0007 BTC

BitcoinTalk Signature: N/A

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SamouraiWallet Whirlpool

Samourai Wallet is an APP-based wallet that has the priority to make users’ coins private. The feature which they use is known as CoinJoin nothing but it is a simple bitcoin mixer.

No registration is required just download the app and save your private keys. It is one of the cheapest bitcoin tumblers you can use. It is the best Bitcoin Mixer Wallet.

TOR Link: http://wasabiukrxmkdgve5kynjztuovbg43uxcbcxn6y2okcrsg7gb6jdmbad.onion

Mixtum Fees: Flat fee

Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for Desktop, that implements trustless CoinJoin. It creates trustless CoinJoin transactions over the Tor anonymity network. The CoinJoin coordinator cannot steal from, nor breach the privacy of the participants.

You currently pay a fee of 0.003% * anonymity set. If the anonymity set of a coin is 50 then you pay 0.003% * 50 (=0.15%). If you set the target anonymity set to 53 then Wasabi will continue mixing until this is reached, so you may end up with an anonymity set of say 60, and you will pay 0.003% * 60 (=0.18%).

Tor Link: http://wasabiukrxmkdgve5kynjztuovbg43uxcbcxn6y2okcrsg7gb6jdmbad.onion


CryptoMixer is one of the oldest mixers on our list, it was founded in the year 2016. They do provide a “Letter of Guarantee” for every transaction within the system.

They have proved their fund reserve of up to 2000 BTC. It is a mobile-friendly website. users can choose the custom time delay.

Their fees are different according to the amount of your mixing. Check the below table.

Mixed amountMin service feeYou save
1 – 10 BTC0,45%up to 0.005 BTC
10 – 50 BTC0,40%up to 0.05 BTC
50 – 100 BTC0,35%up to 0.15 BTC
100 – 1000 BTC0,30%up to 2.00 BTC
1000 BTC and more0,25%2.50 BTC / $3000+

TOR Link: cryptomixns23scr.onion

CryptoMixer Fees: Random, 0.45% plus transaction fee

BitcoinTalk Signature: N/A

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Not much famous but trusted till Dec 2020. It was founded in the year 2017 and active since then but they are not much famous as other bitcoin tumblers.

You can receive a payout in up to 3 Bitcoin address wallet.

FoxMixer is an outstanding, high-quality bitcoin mixing service that makes mixing bitcoins as easy as never before.

TOR Link: foxmixer6mrsuxrl.onion

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Anonymixer is the brand new bitcoin mixer on our list. It is the only mixer that allows its users to mix 1 satoshi or 0.00000001 BTC. Users can deposit and withdraw using up to 20 unique addresses. 

TOR Link: http://anonymixerpolbpy.onion and http://btcmixer2e3pkn64eb5m65un5nypat4mje27er4ymltzshkmujmxlmyd.onion

CryptoMixer Fees: Between 1-2% 

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Coinomize was launched in May 2020 and active since now. You can deposit with one address and can get back to up to 5 addresses. They do also have a mobile app for android devices.

The minimum deposit is required is 0.0015 BTC.

TOR Link:  http://coino2q64k4fg3lkjsnhjeydzwykw22a56u5nf2rdfzkjuy3jbwvypqd.onion

CryptoMixer Fees: 1-5 % + 0.0003 BTC

BitcoinTalk Signature: N/A

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Blender doesn’t require you to signup, register, or provide any kind of detail except the receiving address. It has a No Logs policy in which they do not store any data of user’s activity. 

The minimum amount for mixing is 0.003 BTC.

TOR Link:  blenderiopnzbuvtva6d2ddiedrbf6fbekh5axomzho6wrulowcludad.onion

CryptoMixer Fees: Between 0.6% to 0.1914% + 0.0003 BTC per address

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Scam Bitcoin Tumblers

There are many scammers around you and me and hence there are many scam websites as well. If you send any BTC to this website then you will get back nothing.


HelixMixer is the scam mixer. They turned into a scam in Feb 2020. If you do google then you will find the site helixmixer.net but the original site is helixmixer.org. Both are scam sites. So you can’t tumble bitcoins anymore.

Their domains are helixmixer.org, Helix-grams.com, grams-helix-light.com, and helixlightgrams.com.

Bitcoin Fog

If you are searching for this mixer then you might not aware that this mixer turned in to scam in early 2016. Even their original website is gone and a duplicate one got created.

The service takes from 1% to 3% (randomized for obscurity) fee on each deposit There are no other fees, no complex calculations based on the number of withdraws or similar. bitcoin tumbler Reddit.

Bitcoin Fog is a scam and their domains are bitcoinfog.site and bitcoinfog.info.

Update: Bitcoin Fog CEO caught by Feds & he admitted to laundering more than 330 million USD till now.

CryptoMixer Similar Scam

The original one is legit but there are similar scam sites and they are Cryptomixer.us, Cryptomixer.eu, Cryptomixer.in, Cryptomixer.ml, Coinmixer.io, and Coinice.net


UltrMixer is a scam bitcoin mixing site. One forum member reported, Description of Problem: I’ve sent 3 small amounts to Bitcoin mixers but none have got through – they seem to have disappeared. I’ve not had any luck trying to get any of it back either. Am I just unlucky in picking 3 corrupt mixers?”

BitMix (Site Gone)

Bitmiz.Biz is one of the best bitcoin tumbler that was launched in the year 2017. It supports three major cryptocurrencies that are Bitcoin, DASH, and Litecoin

They do not store user logs but in case you lose your transaction you can use a letter of guarantee.

Only one confirmation is needed to accept transactions. 

You can access their service via its Clearnet domain, but it is recommended using the following Tor URL instead: http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion

The awesome thing is you can mix up to 1000 BTC at a time with a minimum of 0.007 BTC

TOR Link: http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion

BitMix Fees: You can set your own fee between 0.40% to 4.00%.

BitcoinTalk Signature: N/A

BitcoinTalk Thread: Click here for ANN

BitCloak (Maybe turned into scam)

BitCloack is trusted since 2016. You do not have to register on the website, there are no chips or bit-codes, it is fully anonymous.

Not only BTC but also BCH is a bitcoin cash mixer too. 

Their support is also active through email, Reddit, and Jabber.  Input your payout address and amount to mix, extra options are 10 payout addresses (address1-address2) and time delay. T

TOR Link: cryptomixns23scr.onion

CryptoMixer Fees: Random fee from 2% plus transaction fee

BitcoinTalk Signature: Member to hero rank member, click here for signature campaign thread.

BitcoinTalk Thread: Click here for ANN

Smart Mixer Bitcoin

SmartMix turned into a scam in 2018. Click here for reference. Smartmix review and Smartmix calculator.


The website is active but they are not replying to users in their thread and not on their support channels. It is better to stay away from them than try it. Here is their ANN thread.


Asking users to share their private key or seed phrase which is not safe. Here is their ANN thread, op goes negative trust on his profile.

Other Bitcoin Tumbler

Here are some other bitcoin laundry websites you can use are

XXL Mixer



Go overt




FAQ of Bitcoin Laundry

How does bitcoin mixer work?

Let me explain to you for an example, the Bitcoin mixers take users’ coins and return coins that have no link to the sent ones. 

How to mix bitcoin?

You can use any of the above platforms to mix your coin and you can read their tutorials too.

Note: You can suggest to us more by doing the comment below. Or let us know if any Bitcoin Mixer is turned into a scam by doing the comment below.

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