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Kinza Airdrop: Backed By Binance Labs | Use Invite Code To Get 10% Additional Points

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Kinza Finance is the next-generation decentralized lending protocol on the BNB Chain. Kinza Finance is non-custodial, permissionless, and secure, and incorporates cutting-edge DeFi mechanisms and solutions to offer users a flexible and highly customizable DeFi lending experience.

Built-in mechanisms and rewards incentivize participation, and innovative tokenomics ensure unparalleled sustainability.

Kinza is backed by Binance Labs and they have partnered with different security agencies to get their code-secured teams like Chainalysis, PeckShield, Salus, Omiscia, and Hacken Proof to check their platform whether it is safe or not.

Let’s check how you can join Kinza Finance airdrop. Kinza Airdrop invite code is L6RNPT. You will get 10% additional points when you join using a referral link.

How To Join Kinza Airdrop?

Kinza is backed by Binance and it is enough to participate in their airdrop campaign and I am sure you don’t want to miss out.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join Kinza Finance airdrop.

  • Visit their website and use our referral link to help us.
  • Connect your wallet
  • Switch to the BNB network
  • Supply any amount of supported crypto, I would suggest supplying at least $100 worth of BNB.
  • Borrow any amount of supported crypto, I would suggest borrowing at least $100 worth of BNB.

Kinza Finance Social Media

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/kinzafinance
  • Telegram: https://t.me/kinza_finance
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/JFXTEp8Nub
  • GitHub: https://github.com/Kinza-Finance


Asset Isolation

To avoid contagion in extreme market conditions, we use an isolation system to insulate volatile assets from stable assets.

Protected Collateral

We allow users to withhold their collateral from borrowers, limiting trading risks, short-selling opportunities, and governance manipulation. Kinza Finance Airdrop.


Real Yields

Kinza generates real revenue from interest for liquidity providers and token holders. Powerful tokenomics encourages borrowing through weekly KZA emissions.


We align token emissions with fees generated using a unique veTokenomics model called ve-Real-Yield. Kinza Finance users can stake the native Kinza token KZA to direct future token emissions and collect fees and bribes.


Bitcoin, Inscription, and Real-World Assets — these are all DeFi frontiers Kinza Finance is exploring and building on. The Kinza Finance development team is actively pushing the limits of the current DeFi landscape to grant users access to more novel asset classes and innovative investment opportunities.

Kinza Finance aims to tap into and fuel this potential, building the most exciting, secure, and capital-efficient opportunities for DeFi investors. Kinza Finance Airdrop.

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