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Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers: Binance Skale Quiz Answers

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Binance launches different rounds of Learn & Earn Crypto where users do earn other coins by answering some questions. If you are aware of any project, you might give answers without any problem.

But not everyone over there knows the correct answers to all questions asked by Binance on the specific coin. Hence we have decided to share the answers to the Binance Skale Quiz.

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There are some rules and joining eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill. Like some quizzes are not available for everyone. Check out their Terms and Conditions page.

Things To Remember While Taking Binance Skale Quiz

  1. Learn and Earn page can be accessed here “https://academy.binance.com/en/learn-and-earn”.
  2. Login to check if you are eligible or not.
  3. Try to use a mobile device.
  4. Questions will be not in the same format for everyone.
  5. Rewards will get credited to your account within 48 hours.
Total reward: 15 SKL worth $0.36 to $0.56
Start & End Date: 09/11/2022 to 22/11/2022
What to do: Watch a video of 2.11 minutes and answer 10 questions.

Binance Skale Quiz Answers

Q 1. How much are gas fees on the SKALE Network?

Ans: Zero

Q 2. What types of decentralized applications run on SKALE?

Ans: All are correct

Q 3: What type of blockchain is the SKALE Network?

Answer: Modular Layer1/Layer2 Hybrid

Q 4. SKALE is Ethereum compatible.

Ans: True

Q 5. How many Elastic Sidechains can be created in the SKALE ecosystem?

Ans: An unlimited amount

Q 6: How does SKALE increase the supply of SKALE Chains?

Ans: Incentivizing SKALE chain creation through surge pricing

Q 7: The SKALE network supports thousands of independent blockchains, multi-chains, and storage chains with zero gas fees, faster commit times, and increased transaction throughput. True or False?

Answer: True

Q 8: How does SKALE improve User Experience?

Answer: All are correct

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