What Is Bitcoin Faucet?

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Don’t know what is a bitcoin faucet? This article is for you.

Bitcoin faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or an app that distribute the reward in the form of Satoshi, Satoshi which is a part of a bitcoin, for visitors to claim the satoshi or bitcoin in exchange of completing a captcha or doing the task which given by faucet owners. And there are also faucets which pay in alternative cryptocurrency ex. ethereum, dogecoin, etc.

There are 2 different types of faucets which are like, one which pays directly to the wallet of users or visitors of faucet after reaching the payment threshold, which is mainly different from all faucets. and second which gives bitcoins or Satoshi through micropayment services. Micropayment has more than hundreds of faucets so users can reach the withdraw threshold very fast.

Here in this article, you can find different types of faucets with categories so it is easy to you to select which faucet you want to claim, we will add High paying faucets in the TOP FAUCET category, it helps to our visitors to claim more Satoshi in less time hope it will help you. We will try to update the list of faucets daily as we have time :). What is a cryptocurrency faucet.

And we are adding some new features like the giveaway for our daily visitors, giveaways are started as soon as possible.


What is Bitcoin Faucet Testnet

Bitcoin faucet testnet or Testnet bitcoin faucet are used to just check the how does actual bitcoin faucet work. Users and developers can test the faucet if it is working properly or not. Testnet faucets are using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency but those coins are like a clone of the original one, it means these coins have no value. What is a crypto faucet?


Top Faucets


As my thinking it was a Best Bitcoin Faucet ever, you can claim up to 200$ of bitcoins in every 1 hour, And they have a lottery ticket option for every user, after each claim, you will get 2 lottery ticket free and the end of every week, 10 winners are drawn. The top prize reaches almost four BTC. Also every claim you will get TWO reward points. and you can change these points into PRIZES-iPhone, Samsung, etc.


Every registered user can claim up to 5000 satoshis every 15 minutes. You will get a 5% bonus of your last 3 days’ earnings every day, here you can also try your luck by playing dice game to earn some more satoshi’s. .The minimum payout was 10000 satoshi. Bitcoin Faucet. Free bitcoin reviews and free bitcoin faucet.



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