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BitGet Learn to Earn: Know More About Bitget Token holder’s Privileges Answers

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BitGet has launched a new Learn To Earn campaign about BitGet holders and projects. You can earn a free Bitget coin for answering some simple questions.

BitGet is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges with a last 24-hour volume on the platform of more than 25,697 BTC. it has also shared its reserve wallet on Coinmarketcap.

If you are here then I am sure you know about the Bitget exchange.

How To Join Bitget Learn to Earn Campaign

Many of you might be still confused about how to join the Bitget Learn to Earn campaign. Let’s check out the simple steps that will lead you to join the campaign.

  • Register and log in to BitGet.
  • Go to the Learn To Earn page
  • Open “https://www.bitget.com/events/learn-to-earn/details?activityId=7618&id=1187”
  • Click on Start The Quiz

You can find the details related to the task and a guide to complete it.

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Things To Remember While Taking The ” BitGet Know More About Bitget Token Holder’s Privileges” Answers

  1. Learn and Earn page can be accessed here “https://www.bitget.com/events/learn-to-earn/details?activityId=6056&id=320″
  2. Login to check if you are eligible or not.
  3. You need to answer all 5 questions correctly to get rewarded. One quiz will be consumed when you click “Quiz now”.
  4. The quiz ends when you fail to answer any question in 30 sec.
  5. The quiz ends when you answer any question incorrectly.
Total reward: 10 Points and 1BGB Spot Crypto voucher
Start & End Date: 2023.07.21 17:30 ~ 2024.06.30 21:29
What to do: Read different articles & whitepaper and answer 5 questions.

BitGet BitGet Quiz Answers

Question: What is Bitget’s platform token and what is its ticker?

Ans: Bitget Token (BGB)

Question: Which public chain was BGB issued on?

Ans: Ethereum

Question: What are the total supply and the current circulating supply of BGB respectively?

Ans: 2 billion, 1.4 billion

Question: Which of the following are perks for BGB holders?

Ans: All of the above

Question: Is there a BGB buyback and burn mechanism?

Ans: At the appropriate time, Bitget will start to buy back and burn BGB

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