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Bitcoin Cash Debit Card | Best Crypto Debit Cards

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Quick statistics of Bitcoin Cash Card. The current rate of BCH is 186.80$. Ranks 5th on CoinMarketCap. With 3.3 Billion USD of market cap. ATH 4,355$ and ATL 75$.

Bitcoin Cash is the fork of Bitcoin which first appears on 1st Aug 2017 to make the block size of 32 MB. Let us have a look at some best and bad Bitcoin Cash Debit Card providers in the crypto industry. Let’s talk about the bitcoin cash card today.

Uquid Card is a London based company that started in 2017. Uquid supports more than 80 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash. They also have their own Coin namely UquidCoin (UQC). The current UQC market cap is worth 144 BTC.

According to the report, Uquid raised 17M USD in ICO in the year 2017.

Mainly it can be used to Top UP and Pay Bill. You can get your card within 2-3 days. Withdrawal and Deposit fees vary depends on the method used by users. Fees can be viewed here.

Deposit Method: Paysafecard, Alipay, CashU, Qiwi, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, and Altcoins.

CoinBase is the most trusted wallet and exchange since last more than 7 years. Unfortunately, crypto debit cards are available only for a few countries. It takes up to a week’s arrival card at your place. You have to pay 5 Euro to get your own card.

Coinbase charges up to 2% on the withdrawal. Also, coinbase supports limited cryptocurrencies. Read more about the card on the FAQ page of the coinbase.

BitPay debit card is in the industry since 2014 and it is working very fine. It cost 10$ to order a new BitPay VISA Card. In order to receive your card, you have to wait for at least 10 days.

It also provides a bitcoin virtual card.

Users can also export transaction history by using a login account. Another benefit can be used through PayPal, as Paypal accepts Visa cards. Users can deposit using their BitPay account.

BitPay charges 2-3$ for ATM withdrawal and other fees can be viewed here.

Ternio BlockCard debit card is owned and powered by Ternio. Currently, BlockCard is available only for United States residents. And it will be available soon in 31 countries in Europe.

12 cryptocurrencies are accepted on BlockCard are BTC, BCH, BAT, DAI, ETH, LTC, PAX, XLM, TERN, USDT, TUSD, USDC, and XRP. Like all other cards, the deposit will be done using the account dashboard.

To receive your card you have to register and pass KYC. There is a small fee of 5$ and a monthly fee of 5$.

bitcoin debit card/bitcoin cash debit card


Revolut is a UK based financial technology company. It started in the year 2015 and currently have 58.24 million revenue with 1000+ working employees. Users can buy or sell or trade BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP using the Revolut card.

It is working in only a few countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and a few others. Revolut comes with 3 subscription Standard, Premium and Metal. The standard is with 0.00$ charge, Premium with 10.99$, and Metal with 19.99$ monthly. There is a fee of 1.5% on all crypto transactions. anonymous bitcoin debit card.

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