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5 Best XVG Wallets: Safest Way To Store Verge Coin In 2022

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Verge was first introduced on 9th Oct 2014 as DogeCoinDark and later rebranded as Verge (XVG).

It was started by keeping privacy in mind. The main motto of the coin is to make transactions anonymous and untraceable by using the TOR network.

At the time of writing price of VERGE is 0.02259 USD with a market cap is 372,302,250 USD. You can trade Verge cryptocurrency on exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and HitBTC.

In this article, we are going to check the 5 best XVG wallets to store Verge cryptocurrency.

5 Best Verge Wallets To Store XVG Coin

There are many wallets that can be used to store XVG coins safely. I always suggest using hardware or paper wallets for big bags and desktop or other wallets for daily trade.

We are not going into what is Verge wallet is as everyone knows what it is and how it works. Here listed the 5 best XVG wallets.

VergePay XVG Wallets

Verge has a list of official wallets which they call VergePay. VergePay wallets are available for almost all types of devices like Android, Apple, Linux, macOS, and Windows including TOR versions.

They call these wallets with different names like electrum wallet XVG, and electrum xvg wallet.

Their android and iOS apps are not up to date, so use them at your own risk. Many users reported issues with their mobile wallets.

Click here to access VergePay wallets.

Coinomi (Mobile)

Coinomi is one of the most used cryptocurrency wallets for mobile devices for any coins. Verge has their own mobile wallet but it received a negative response from the community and not getting updates.

It was founded in back 2014 for storing multi-chain in one place. More than 1 million downloads are done on the Play Store alone with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 37K users.

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You can securely store, send, receive, and exchange your Verge with Coinomi.

Click here to access Coinomi.

Trezor XVG Wallets

Trezor is the only hardware wallet that supports Verge. It supports more than 1700 cryptocurrencies including XVG. You can use Electrum wallet to access your wallet using Trezor.

They have currently two models one is Trezor Model T and the second one is Trezor Model One. Trezor Model T will cost you around $55 and Trezon Model One will cost you $188.

Hardware wallets are considered the safest way to store cryptocurrency if you know how to use one.

Click here to visit Trezor.

Atomic Wallet (Desktop & Mobile)

Atomic Wallet was founded by Konstantin Gladych in early 2018. He is a former Changelly CEO. It is a multi-chain wallet where you can manage more than 500 coins including Verge coin.

Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized wallet it means you have full control over your account. You only know about your backup phrase & private keys.

Atomic Wallet has many other features like Buy & Sell, Staking, Earning, and own token.

You can download it for Android, Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and iOS.

Click here to visit Atomic Wallet.

Guarda XVG Wallets (Mobile)

Guarda is another multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet, it supports more than 50 chains 10K tokens. It is guarding crypto users’ coins since 2017.

It has 100K downloads on the play store, 50K+ on App Store, 7K on App Gallary, and 5K install on Google Chrome extension.

Guarda can be best XVG wallet for beginners who tries to make small trade daily.

You can do the following things with Guarda wallet Buy coins, Exchange coins, Generate tokens, Blockchain domains, Crypto loans, Staking, and storing for which it is made.

Click here to visit Guarda.

Verge Paper Wallet

Verge has an official XVG paper wallet and it is open source it means you can run the code on your pc as well and it is suggested way as well.

You allow to store your private key anywhere so getting hacked or stolen is less chance. Paper wallets are the best and safest way to store cryptocurrency in comparison to other mentioned methods excluding hardware wallets.

Click Here to visit Verge Paper Wallet.


I tried to mention the best and safe XVG wallets if you found this list useful then do not forget to share the article with your friends. You can comment if you are looking for any help.

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