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7 Best Flux Mining Pool That Supports Parallel Assets

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Want to mine a Flux coin? Then you may want to use the best Flux mining pool to get better performance. Let’s check out more details about best flux pools.

Flux coin was launched in 2018, and the price of the coin was around $0.02 to $0.08 till 2021 if someone has mined coins at that time then you might standing on the huge profit side as the current price per FLUX coin is $1.46.

Whereas the all-time high was in Dex 2021, $4.17 per coin and the all-time low was in Dec 2020 at that time price per coin was around $0.01698.

Flux is definitely one of the best choices for miners but with the best Flux mining pool only. In this article, we are going to check out the list of the best Flux mining pools with their performances.

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What Are Parallel Assets In Flux

if you are about to start mining Flux coins then you should be aware of Parallel Assets and know what it is. Parallel Assets are Flux coins but on other chains, like you get USDT on TRC20, ERC20, and Binance Chain, it is the same case with Flux.

But here, most of the mining pool supports Parallel Assets while some don’t. Suppose you mined and received 1 FLUX then you will get 1 FLUX on other chains. Visit here to read explained article on parallel Assets.

HeroMiner – Best Flux Mining Pool

HeroMiner is one of the pools that support Parallel Assets and is activated for the following networks Eth, Bsc, Kda, Trx, and Sol. The best pool for flux mining is for those who want instant payout and zero fees.

They have two options for mining, you can mine in a pool or in solo. The current pool hash rate is 154.00 kSol/s and the solo hash rate is 11.89 kSol/s.

There are currently more than 706 miners on the pool and 38 solo miners on HeroMiner. As per the website blocks are founded every 24 minutes by pool miners and solo miners are mining blocks every 5 hours (estimate).

    • Pool Fee: 0%
    • Minimum Payout: 1 FLUX
    • Payment Interval: 1 hour
    • Website: https://flux.herominers.com/

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MinerPool – Best Flux Pool

MinerPool supports only three coins Zero, Ravencoin, and FLUX. You can mine as a solo miner or in a pool. They have more than 4530 miners who put them on top of any other mining pool for Flux coin.

So solo mining flux is possible here. MinerPool.org is now Minerpool.pro.

It also supports Parallel Assets for Flux. The current pool hash rate is 972.76 KSol/s and the solo hash rate is 986.86 KSol/s.

  • Pool Fee: 1%
  • Minimum Payout: 3 FLUX
  • Website: https://flux.minerpool.org/

2Miners (Not Recommended by Community)

As above mentioned some miners don’t like 2miners to use as Flux miners because it doesn’t support parallel assets and also of the high fee.

No doubt 2Miners is a notable name in the cryptocurrency mining pool area but it doesn’t suit all coins at the same time.

It also has only one server which is in Europe whereas other pools have servers in more than 3 locations. The Hash Rate is 115.36 KS/s.

The good thing about them is you can track block and rig monitoring through Telegram.

  • Pool Fee: 1%
  • Minimum Payout: 10 FLUX
  • Payment Interval: 1 hour
  • Website: https://flux.2miners.com/


The name describes itself as what it is, Fluxpools is dedicated to solo & pool mining for Flux miners. It has more than 2600 miners and 3800+ workers.

Their website is a bit slow but they are still one of the best flux mining pool.

The current hash rate is 479 KSol/s pool mining and the solo minings hash rate is around 6.97 KSol/s. You can mine alone or in the pool.

There are only 20 solo miners who find blocks every 10 hours whereas solo miners are finding blocks every 9 miners.

  • Pool Fee: 1%
  • Minimum Payout: 1 FLUX
  • Payment Interval: 1 hour
  • Website: https://fluxpools.net/

CruxPool – best flux mining pool

CCruxPool is a new mining pool that allows you to mine coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Flux, Ravencoin, ETHW, Beam, Firo, and Ergo.

As of now, I can see more than 40 miners with 60+ workers are using this Flux pool. The average block reward is 18 Flux with a pool hash rate of 17.16 KSol/S.

Flux is a cryptocurrency that is mined with one or more GPUs with a minimum of 2 GB VRAM.

  • Pool Fee: 1%
  • Minimum Payout: 1 FLUX
  • Payment Interval: 3 hour
  • Website: https://cruxpool.com/flux

LuckyMiners – Flux Pool Parallel Assets

This is one of the best flux miner that is dedicated to Flux coin only. Currently, they have more than 30 active miners with more than 50 workers. The pool hash rate is around 10.62 KH/s.

The payment method they support is PROP. It is one of the best miner for Flux.

  • Pool Fee: 0.50%
  • Minimum Payout: 0.50 FLUX
  • Payment Interval: 3 hour
  • Website: https://luckyminers.io


There are some more mining pools that can be used to mine Flux coins but they are either new or not much active. It is always suggested to stay away from new and less active pools. Is flux profitability high? It depends on the network difficulty.

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