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5 Best Conflux Mining Pools To Mine CFX Coins In 2024

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Mining Conflux might not be difficult when you have the best Conflux mining pools in your hand. Choosing the best and most profitable Conflux pool is not easy as there are many factors involved in it.

You may not want to waste time searching pools & checking each pool and comparing them with others. Hence we picked the top best mining pools which you can choose over others.

We picked these Conflux mining pools after checking their activeness, trust, fees, and much more.

Conflux (CFX) has been trading since early 2020. The current price per CFX is $0.127, their all-time high was $1.70 in March 2021 and their all-time low was in January 2023 at $0.021. The current market cap is $403,906,247.

The algorithm of Conflux is Octopus.

What Is Conflux?

Conflux was founded in 2018 and is based in Shanghai. It is a layer-1 public blockchain that is made to boost dApps, Web3, and e-commerce infrastructure. It is Scalable, decentralized, and secure in comparison to existing protocols according to their website.

Conflux protocol uses a Tree-Graph consensus mechanism while it uses two algorithms to achieve consensus, Proof-of-Work and proof-of-stake. It was founded by Fan Long.

Ravencoin is also currently generating good profit check out the pool list for RVN coins here and we made a list of Zcash pools as well.

Best Conflux Mining Pools

To mine CFX coins you need to choose the best mining pool and here we will help you to achieve that. Below is the list of the 5 most suitable and proven CFX mining pools or Conflux pools.


HeroMiners is one of the oldest crypto mining pools where you can find all major coins like Conflux, Monero, Beam, Kaspa, Ethereum Classic, Ergo, etc.

Hero Miners do cover almost 23% of the total network hash rate. It has a hash rate of 975 GH/s. Already more than 2500 miners are using this pool. The majority of miners are mining in the pool not solo.

They have servers in regions like Germany, Finland, Russia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Singapore, Turkey, and Australia.

Normally it takes around 1 minute to find a block and the payment interval is 1 hour.

Payment methods: PROP & SOLO
Fees: 0.90% on both pools
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 CFX
WebsiteVisit Here

WoolyPooly – Best conflux mining pool for mining

WoolyPooly is a multi-coin mining pool that supports coins like Conflux, Etc, Ergo, Raven, Kas, EthW, and more.

They have partnered with CoinEx to allow their users to withdraw their mined coin directly to the CoinEx exchange where you can trade, convert, or withdraw to your bank without any KYC.

This pool is also compatible with MininRigRentals and Nicehash. WoolyPooly is one of the best conflux mining pools for mining CFX coins.

You can mine in PPLNS or the Solo pool. As of now, more than 1900 miners are using the pool with a pool hash rate of 442 GH/s.

Payment methods: PPLNS & SOLO
Fees: 0.90% PPLNS & SOLO
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 CFX
WebsiteVisit Here


Kryptex is a crypto mining platform where you can different mining-related products like miners, OS, pools, and renting GPU. You can also mine coins on your simple desktop by just downloading their software.

You can mine coins like Conflux, Ethereum Classic, EthW, Raven, Ergo, UBQ, and XMR. Miners can mine Conflux and will get a bonus in KAS & IRON.

Krptex has an in-built conflux solo mining calculator which you can use to check profitability.

Currently, they have 40 miners and 1620 workers. They have a limit on maximum withdrawals of 10,000 CFX. The total pool hash rate is 139.02 GH/s.

Fees: 1.0% PPS
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 CFX
WebsiteVisit Here


F2Pool is another mining pool that covers almost 20% of the total pool hash rate. It supports all major coins and it also ranks in the top mining pool for almost all coins.

The pool hash rate is 833 GH/s and the difficulty is around 2150 G. The number of miners or workers mining using this pool is not disclosed, not even their API shows this data.

Fees: 1.0% PPS
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 CFX
WebsiteVisit Here


Without any doubt, they are one of the most trusted and widely used mining pools in the industry. Nanopool offers features like Email notifications, Apps for iOS & Android, Adjustable payout limit, Regular payments, optimized infrastructure, and more.

The pool hash rate is around 675 GH/s while used by almost 800 miners & 2000 workers. Their servers are located in different regions like Europe, the USA, Asia, Hapan, and Australia.

Fees: 1.0% PPLNS
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 CFX
WebsiteVisit Here


OkMiner is one of the best mobile-based mining pools, Mobile-based means you can access your dashboard from your mobile only.

They have a pool hash rate of 4.25 TH/s with 73 miners. They have high fees which makes it hard to use them but if you want to feel mobile-based mining and love the FPPS model then you can go with OkMiner.

Fees: 2.0% FPPS
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 CFX
WebsiteVisit Here

Other Conflux Pools

There are some other mining pools for CFX coins that you can use let’s check them out.

JingniuPool:- China-based pool without providing much information but pool hashrate is around 250 GH/s.

666Pool:- China-based pool 1% fee while pool hash rate is 150 Gh/s. It is the best Conflux Mining Pool for chines miners.

Poolflare:- Less active with 30 miners and a pool hash rate of 16 Gh/s.

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