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4 Best Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator: How To Create BTC Paper Wallet In 2023

by cryptocreed
Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Last Updated on September 26, 2023 by cryptocreed

Daily someone new is introduced to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Newbies don’t know where to start they just follow what is famous in front of them.

They don’t even know the different types of Bitcoin wallets available on the internet and even if they know then they don’t know how to use them securely. Bitcoin Paper wallet can be the safest way to store your coins but for that, you must know the best & safest way to create a Bitcoin paper wallet.

In this article, we are going to check the list of the 4 best Bitcoin Paper Wallets to store Bitcoin in 2021 and how you can create them safely. Let’s start with the basics first.

What Is A Bitcoin Paper Wallet?

A paper wallet is a wallet where you get access to your private and public keys and your keys are printed on paper either it is in the form of a paper copy or pdf. In other wallets they hold your coins like Coinbase If you use Coinbase to store your Bitcoin then you are not only one to have control over it but Coinbase has full control over your account.

In a paper wallet, you access your wallet using your private keys to make transactions and put them away after completing the transaction. It has its own advantages and disadvantages so it depends on the user who uses it.

Public Keys are the address where you receive or send cryptocurrency and Private Keys are like passwords to access your wallet.

Paper wallets rarely get hacked or stolen unless or until you lose them.

Should I Use Bitcoin Paper Wallets?

Paper wallets can be useful for long-term holders, the person who wants to hold the amount of Bitcoin for the long term should use paper wallets.

It can be also used by the person who is worrying about other forms of wallet can use paper wallets.

If you are doing daily trading of small amounts then a paper wallet is not the best option for you because you will get tired of accessing the paper wallet again and again for small transactions.

Suppose I am a company and I pay $1000 daily to my employees for their work if I am using a paper wallet then I have to access the paper wallet again and again daily which will become irritating after a few days.

So in this case I will use some desktop or mobile wallets and transfer $5000 from my paper wallet to my device wallet to send to my employees daily. In this way, I am not using a paper wallet daily and not risking a huge portion of my holdings.

4 Best Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator

There are many wallet papers on the internet but not all are the best or good or trusted. So I tried to list those 4 Bitcoin paper wallet generators that are used by many, trusted by the community, and available for years.


BitAddress.Org is one of the oldest BTC paper wallet generators, it was launched in 2011 by BitcoinTalk user “pointbiz”. It is a very simple wallet generator that you can use online and offline as well.

The wallet was last updated in 2016 and has not been touched by anyone else since then. It is an open-source wallet where you can find code on GitHub.

A few people also claimed that their wallet got hacked but there is no such proof that shows BitAddress.org is behind their hack.

GitHub: https://github.com/pointbiz/bitaddress.org

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=43496.0


Bitcoin.Com is a well-known name in the crypto community. It provides different services like wallet, exchange, and news. The source code that Bitcoin.com uses is provided by BitAddress.

But I suggest using this one if you are looking for well-designed paper wallets. The Bitcoin Paper Wallet design on Bitcoin.com is awesome and the color combination is as well.


WalletGenerator.Net is another paper wallet generator that anyone can access easily. The code is available on GitHub hence you can download and run offline to create a wallet securely.

If you are using MetaMask then you might be seen an “Ethereum Phishing Detection” error which is not clear what is the reason behind this.

It also supports more than 190 cryptocurrencies but I do not recommend creating more than one wallet from one source.


Creating a Bitcoin paper wallet can be easier with BitcoinPaperwallet.com till Metamask start showing error the same as it shows in WalletGenerator.net.

Not recommended one.

This wallet also works the same as the above one. If you have used the last one then you may know how to use this paper wallet.

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How To Make Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Creating a Bitcoin Paper wallet is very simple and easy if you just want to create a wallet but creating that safety is more important so we are going to check the safest way to use the Bitcoin paper wallet generator.

Here I will explain how you can create a paper wallet online & offline using BitAddress.

Create an Online Paper Wallet

1. Scan your PC and remove unfamiliar apps & files.

2. Do not run any other apps or programs while creating a wallet.

3. Open your browser clean your browser, logged out from everything.

4. Go to bitaddress.org (or you can choose any other).

5. Move your mouse around the screen until it shows 100%.

6. Here you can see your Private Key & Public Key.

7. Click on the paper wallet.

8. Press Print.

You can either print your wallet instantly or can save your paper wallet in pdf form.

Create Offline Paper Wallet

After scanning and removing unwanted files or apps or programs. Follow the below step

1. Download the source code from here.

2. Disconnect the internet and turn off any connection you have with your device.

3. Extract the file and click on index.html.

4. Follow steps 4 to 8 from above.

There are many safe ways to use and create a paper wallet.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there any Bitcoin paper wallet app?

No, there is no such app. If you found any such app and trying to use it then delete that immediately.

Paper wallets are safe to use or not?

Yes and No. It depends on how you use it. There are always pros and cons to anything.

How to check the paper wallet balance?

You can use Explorer to check the balance of any wallet balance.

What is the best paper wallet generator?

BitAddress.Org is the best Bitcoin and safest paper wallet generator.

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