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Siacoin Mining Pool – List Of Profitable Sia Pool To Mine Siacoin In 2024

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Want to mine SC Coin? Looking for the best Mining pool for SC? Then you are in the right place in this article you will find a list of trusted and best Siacoin Mining Pools.

Siacoin was one of the most popular coins in their time but due to many reasons, it lost its charm in this market. However, miners & investors do trust them and think that the project will grow one day.

The current price per SC coin is 0.002699 while at their peak per coin touched around $0.079 and an all-time low was in 2015 when per coin was $0.000011.

Coin is trading on major exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Bittrex, Huobi, ByBit, OKX, Poloniex, CoinEx, MEXC, etc.

Before checking the best Siacoin mining pool let’s check what they are and why it is.

The Algorithm of SiaCoin is a Blake2b-Sia.

What Is Siacoin (SC)?

SiaCoin or SC is a utility coin built on a Sia blockchain that aims to offer a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage platform to users.

Sia was founded in 2014, and posted their announcement on the BitcoinTalk forum by user name “Taek”. It was founded by David Vorick and Luke Champine.

It is a secure, fast, and trustless marketplace for cloud storage where users can lease their unused storage space.

Best Siacoin Mining Pool

As the Sia community is not very active activeness of miners is reduced and there are only a few SC mining pools available to choose from.

Luxor Tech

Luxor is a United States-based mining pool that supports only 5 coins that are Bitcoin, Siacoin,  Zcash, Horizen, and Litecoin/Dogecoin.

It is only the SC mining pool that takes less mining fee in comparison to any other mining pool. Luxor takes 2% mining fees, you can read more about Luxor Tech in this review.

The current pool hash rate is around 9.56 PH/s while they are used by more than 205 miners & 700+ workers.

Fees: 2% PPS
Minimum Withdrawal: 100 SC


DxPool is new in the market but supports major coins like Monero, Litecoin, Ergo, Handshake, and SiaCoin.

They have a mobile app as well which helps users to create multi-accounting mining and wallet addresses for mining within the app. You can monitor your mining stats with a single page as it provides real-time updates.

The current pool hash rate is around 11.11 PH/s which is the highest amongst other Siacoin pools. Their pool fee is quite high.

Fees: 3% PPS
Minimum Withdrawal: 100 SC


SiaMining pool hashrate is around 894 TH/s and it is dedicated to SC coin only you may get that from their name. With more than 120 active miners their current difficulty is around 18,404 PH.

The mining servers are from regions like Asia, US East, US West, and Europe. Their website is https://siamining.com.

Fees: 3% PPS
Minimum Withdrawal: 500  SC


F2Pool was launched as a private pool but later it opened itself to the public and currently, it is one of the top cryptocurrency mining pools. The current pool hash rate is around 9758.91TH/s.

It is a place where miners love to mine their favorite coins. It supports more than 10 coins including Btc, Ltc, Zec, Etc, Sc, Dash, Zen, Bch, and ZIL. With Strong STU-U1++ ASIC, you can generate daily revenue of around $4.75.

Fees: 3% PPS
Minimum Withdrawal: 100  SC

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