Robots(computers) are time saving and quick result showing than humans.Computers are quickly elevating many professions.Lawyer robots are creating a future in which the legal system become less costly and more efficient. Many companies are turning towards machines to perform routine task.

Russia’s biggest bank-Sberbank,has recently announced a launch of robot lawyer which will be assigned a task to process letters of complaints.This step will result in the axing of estimated 3000 numbers specialist who are working in the bank structure.

A Robot lawyers was launched in Q4 of 2016,with full robotization to be completed in the first months of 2017.As according to Vadim Kulik,deputy chairman of the executive Board at Sberbank,said:”It means that approximately 3000 specialists who have been processing letters of complaints will be freed from this particular task.We have quite ambitious plans.We are planning to launch robot lawyers in a range of fields.”

He explained that this step will relieve bank’s specialists from routine tasks.Looking into the future,he said that eventually the processing of all routine legal documentation wil be automatized,allowing lawyers to deal only with serious legal procedures.

The all current working specialists that have perform the routine legal jobs will be offered to take special training courses.Kulik also said that;it is important to re-evaluate “how we can apply thier skills and where.”

The replacement will not happen immediately,but the process will be stretched over time.

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