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MoreMoney IO Review: Trusted Or Scam Bitcoin Faucet?

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on June 2, 2021 by cryptocreed

If you are here to know about the legitimacy of MoreMoney.IO then you are in the right place. Because Here I am going to publish my honest Moremoney io review.

As we all know there are many and many bitcoin or cryptocurrency faucets that can be used to earn free cryptocurrency or earn free bitcoin.

I already published many articles on the best bitcoin faucets and today again I am going to publish an article on one of the very known faucet sites.

You have might be heard about them or not but I am pretty sure that you will love to know about them. Because this is one of those faucets which paid in total Bitcoin, I mean to date they paid more than 8.56 Bitcoin to their users.

What Is MoreMoney IO?

MoreMoney.IO is a Bitcoin faucet that allows you to earn more by using their faucet page, contest, PTC, Jobs, Referral, Video, Task, and much more.

More Money - Earn Free Bitcoin
It was launched in the year 2019 and as per the website, you can find running days, for now, the site is running for the last 675 days.

The site also offers a sign-up bonus of up to $2.50.  There are more than 744K registered users who join then since their launch. And this member has earned more than 8 Bitcoin.

If you want to earn bitcoin through a Bitcoin faucet then you can consider them as your best faucet.

How You Can Earn Bitcoin On MoreMoney.IO?

There are different methods to earn money from this website. Following are they which can be used to earn free cryptocurrency.

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MoreMoney IO Faucet

The first and simple method is the faucet, you can simply register on their website from here and click on the roll button to claim a free bitcoin.

You have to solve the captcha and click on the roll button to get free bitcoin. You can claim up to $500 in bitcoin. Unfortunately, you can claim only every 60 minutes.

Claim PTC Ads

Here you earn for viewing other websites for few seconds like 5 to 20 seconds. The average earning from these ads are 5 to 50 satoshi from each ad.

These PTC ads are not better than FaucetCrypto’s PTC ads.

Investment Game

Investment game is very simple to play. Here you have to put your money or bitcoin on the price of BTC. For example, you put 200 Bits, on the increase in price and if the price increase then you will get x1.40, rates are counted every 5 minutes.

But if you put your money on increase but price drops then you will lose everything.

Complete Jobs

Another method is completing jobs. MoreMore.IO publishes a job for their users and when users complete this job they earn decided money from it. For example, currently, they have two jobs which can lead you to earn around 250 satoshis instantly.

Join Contests

They run different contests where users can earn money by joining these contests and winning them.  Like their referral contest allows you to win up to 0.05 Bitcoin.

And their OfferWall contest allows you to win up to 0.32 Bitcoin.


You can complete different tasks and can claim achievements where you get free bitcoin for earning bitcoin itself.

Other Earning Methods

Other earning methods like lottery and membership also help you to increase your earnings if you want to do so. In the lottery, the last winner has earned 1000000.00 satoshis.

More Money IO Is Legit or Scam?

More Money was the legit site in past but currently, there are some disputes from users, saying they never received their withdrawal money. You can also find this accusation on Trustpilot and Bitcointalk forum. Or you can also visit BeerMoneyForum to know more about them.

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