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CoinoMize: How To Use CoinoMize To Mix Your Bitcoin Anonymously

by cryptocreed
How To Use Coinomize Bitcoin Mixer

Last Updated on June 27, 2023 by cryptocreed

Bitcoin is still dominating cryptocurrency among all other coins but the privacy concerns are still there with holders. It is easy for anyone to track down who is the holder of Bitcoin by checking previous transactions.

To hide this footstep people are using Bitcoin Mixers which hide your previous transactions and gives you fresh Bitcoin. Not all Bitcoin Mixers are safe because of the technology they use.

Currently, there are a minimal number of highly secured Bitcoin tumblers available and CoinoMize is one of them.

In this article, we will check how to Mix your Bitcoin anonymously using Coinomize. If you want to know more about the platform then check out this Coinomize Review article.

CoinoMize Features

If you are going to use one of the best Bitcoin Mixer CoinoMize then you should be aware of the features that they have. Because it is what makes any platform better than others, right?

Here is the list of features that make it one of the trusted and safe Bitcoin Mixers.

Instant Mixing:- Coinomize is one of those mixers that allows you to get your Bitcoin Mixed instantly in no time. Even if it is mixing your Bitcoin instantly still you will get untraceable coins.

5 Output Addresses:– It is a well-known fact that no one store all their coins in one place. With Coinomize you can get your fresh coins in up to 5 addresses.

Letter Of Guarantee:- Letter of guarantee helps you in case when you didn’t get your Bitcoin backed after sending it to a mixing address. It shows Bitcoin addresses from their servers.

Custom Fees:- There is a minimum fee which is 1% plus 0.0003 Bitcoin miners fee. But to get better anonymity you can increase fees up to 5%.

No logs policy:- Coinomize doesn’t store any data but for security, they store data for 3 days. It is an order that they store for 24-72 hours after that Coinomize deletes it automatically. You can delete your data by yourself after you receive coins.

Check out the article Coinomize Review to find out how and why they are trusted and other legit Bitcoin mixers.

How To Use CoinoMize Bitcoin Mixer?

Now let’s check out the steps that you should follow to use Coinomize.

Visit Real Coinomize Website

First, open a real website, you should be aware that you are dealing with a real Coinomize website. As there are many fake and phishing sites are created.

start mixing bitcoin using coinomize

To check the real and official domain you can visit their bitcointalk thread. Below are the domains that are shared in an official thread.

BitcoinTalk Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5247623

Tor Link: http://coino2q64k4fg3lkjsnhjeydzwykw22a56u5nf2rdfzkjuy3jbwvypqd.onion

Once you visited the website, now click on the “Start Mixing Now” button or you can click on the “Mix My Coins” button from the menu.

Enter Receiving Details

Now provide receiving details, after clicking on the Mix My Coin you will be on the below page.

coinomize mixer

You have to provide the following details on this page.

CoinoMize Code:- You will receive this code once you make your first mixing on Coinomize. This code helps Coinomize to prevent them track down previous addresses used by you so you don’t get any Bitcoin from that address.

Keep this code in a safe place so you can use this code for new mixing orders.

Enter Receiver Address:- Make sure you enter your fresh receiving bitcoin address to receive your bitcoins. You can add up to 5 BTC addresses.

Other enter other details like service fee, transfer delay, and captcha. Then enter create order button.

Send Bitcoin To Mixer

It’s time to send your Bitcoin to get it mixed and receive fresh coins.

Get your bitcoin mixed

Here on this page, you can find all the important details related to deposits and your orders.

Order Number:– Copy and paste at a safe place till you receive your fresh coins. This will help you in finding your lost orders.

Download Letter of Guarantee:- Make sure you downloaded the letter of guarantee before making any deposit.

Send Bitcoin to Address or QR Code:- Now you can deposit your amount to the address shown on the screen. The minimum amount you can send is 0.0015 Bitcoin.

Coinomize Code:- This is your first order so you got this code. It is important for you to copy and safely store this code in a safe place.

order status bitcoin tumbler

If you scroll down a bit then you can find Order Status with information like Output address, fees you paid, payment created, delay in payment, list of incoming transactions, and list of outgoing transactions.

The status section gets updated automatically.

Get Your Fresh Coin

You can find the status of your transactions. Under incoming transactions, you can see if your payment was successfully sent to the platform or not, and under Outgoing Transactions. you can find the transaction showing the fresh coins you received.

You will get your fresh coins in the time frame you have chosen.

bitcoin tumbler incoming transaction

Delete Logs

If you have received the fresh coins and now want to delete the logs then simply click on the Order Status button from the menu section.

You can find the last few transactions on the order status page. Next to each transaction or order you can find the Delete button. Click on the button to get your logs deleted.

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