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Listed On Binance: DALARNIA (DAR) Token Airdrop

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Last Updated on November 9, 2021 by cryptocreed

At first, before we start let me clear that there is no official Dalarnia Airdrop or DAR token airdrop. But there is a trick which helps you to earn a free DAR token.

This method is free but requires some funds. I will explain it later in this post but let’s start with some basic knowledge first.

We all know about Binance exchange if you know then you should if you are in a crypto world. Binance is currently leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange all over the world.

What Is Dalarnia?

Dalarnia is just another coin for play-to-earn action & adventure games that are built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can mine and collect different items like minerals, rare relics, and artifacts in-game items.

Dalarnia recently announce that they are going to get listed on the world’s biggest exchange Binance. If you want to earn some free DAR coin then you need to have an account on Binance.

Requirements To Join Dalarnia Airdrop?

As said in the first line there is no official airdrop so there are no official requirements but definitely to get free DAR tokens you need to have something, right?

Following things required

  • Binance account (Don’t have an account? Creat using this link and get 100% RefBack)
  • Some funds in BUSD or BNB

How To Get In Dalarnia Airdrop

You can participate in the DAR airdrop by staking your BNB or BUSD coin.

First, go to your Binance account and make sure you have your account verified.

Now add some funds, in BUSD or BNB. Use BUSD for better returns and safe investment. The price of BNB is highly volatile but the price of BUSD is not changing at large.

Now go to the Earn section and search for DAR, for now, there are two staking options available one with BUSD and another is with BNB.

Choose BUSD if you have BUSD.

Now enter the amount you want to stake, you can stake as much as you want.

After staking ends you will get all your BUSD plus free DAR coins.

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