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10 Best Places To Buy Telegram Group & Channel Members For Crypto

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on February 2, 2022 by cryptocreed

Have Telegram group or channel but not growing? Not able to get more members in your groups or channels? Don’t worry there are platforms or websites from where you can buy Telegram members.

You can find both quality and normal bot members for your Telegram, it is up to you which one you want to get.

If you Google then you will find many sites but not all of them are Legit there are many scam sites too, so be safe from them. You can find legit ones on this list, use them to avoid any scam.

You can buy telegram members at a cheap rate from the following sites, not all sites are tested by me hence you have to try on your own. Listed them as per users’ review and review available on the Internet.

10 Best Places To Buy Telegram Members

Below are the top 10 best sites to buy telegram groups and channel members in 2022. Let’s check out places where to buy telegram members.

AppsGeyser (Trusted)

AppsGeyser is one of the free platforms that allow its users to generate free mobile applications. They also sell telegram members. It is not an automatic service provider. They help buyers personally.

What you have to do is go to their TG Bot (@TgBoostMembersBot) and start it. It will ask you some questions like how many members you want and type.

Peakerr (Trusted)

Peakerr is an SMM panel that provides different social media services which include Telegram services as well. You can buy telegram members and views.

You can add members to your group or channel. You can buy telegram group members for as minimum as $0.62.


Is just another place to purchase telegram members. You can purchase active and nonactive types of members. You can also buy post views and votes too.

Rates do start from $5 per 1K member delivery time can take from 1 day to 1 week depending on the size of your order.

Graph Messenger (Trusted)

Graph Messenger is a mobile-based app that uses Telegrams API to extract users from already available groups or channels to your Group or Channel.

Already more than 5 million times this app got downloaded on the Play Store.  How to buy real telegram members? Then Graph messenger is your answer.

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Buy Telegram Groups

The best way to get free telegram members in your channel or group is to buy a group or channel as a whole. You can find sellers from whom you can buy telegram groups with members.

Buy TG Members With Crypto

Most SMM panel sites do accept Bitcoin and another crypto as payment methods. So yes you can buy telegram members with bitcoin.

Buy Active Telegram Members

Most of the sites claim that the members they do add are real and active, they are right but it is up to users if they want to stay in your group or not. If your group is not worth it then they will exit.

SMM panels like Peakerr can help you to get active members or go with AppGeyser. With SMM sites you can buy telegram members at cheap rates.

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