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Guide On How To Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency Under 18

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So you are under 18 and want to know how to buy and sell cryptocurrency under 18? Then you are in the right place. The cryptocurrency market is growing and hence you may also want to join this growing market, right?

Getting involved in crypto is very simple once you get some crypto but how to get them? No one is going to give you free crypto for doing nothing, yeah there are some sites where you perform small tasks and earn money. But it is a job.

You may not have credit or debit cards to use but do you know you can still buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You have cash but can’t get that in the bank but still, there are methods to get involved in crypto.

In this article, we will check out all possible methods through which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency under 18. You can also check out the best place to buy Bitcoin articles.

How To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency Under 18

There are many legal methods where underage people can trade cryptocurrencies without any hassle.

Cryptocurrency ATMs

As of now, there are more than 34K ATMs are installed in more than 70 countries which allows people to transact in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, DASH, and Litecoins.

The Crypto market is still in its early age you may find ATMs at far distances. Use CoinATMRadar to find Bitcoin ATMs near you.


LocalBitcoins is a Peer 2 Peer bitcoin exchange platform founded in 2012. It operates in more than 270 countries and covers more than 17K cities from these countries.

Like other centralized exchanges, it also asks its users for verification but it has very minimal and underage people can also use it to buy cryptos.

Note: There are many fake and scammers who do use this platform so as a newbie you make sure you are dealing with the trusted person by checking his ratings and number of previous deals.

P2P Exchanges

Apart from LocalBitcoins, there are some alternatives that can be used to purchase cryptocurrency by kids under 18. Sites like LocalCoinSwap, Paxful, and Remitano are the best and most trusted places to get cryptos in exchange for cash.

P2P exchanges are not always safe hence you have to make sure that you are dealing with a legit person. Also if you are making any deal offline then make sure to do that in public places.

Use Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have huge communities there are some trusted groups where you can make deals with. But there is more risk, as you don’t know the real person behind the profile and intention of his.

If there are any legit groups you joined then do deals through Group Admins only else leave it. Also start a deal for small amounts like $20, $50, or $100.

Use Crypto Forums

Cryptocurrency forums like BitcoinTalk have many legit and trusted buyers who deal offline and online as well. They have reputations on their profile so you can know who is legit and who is scamster but still make sure you follow proper precautions.

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