Buy Fuels from Venezuela and get 30% bonus! Offer from Venezuela to India

It was great news in the crypto world. Venezuela agreed on personal terms with India over the crude oil purchases. Venezuela to give 30% discount to India on every crude oil purchase using cryptocurrency. This was based on the story from India business Standard.

This discount originates from crypto-trade coinsecure, which recently revealed to the business standard the personal terms had been documented by some representatives from Venezuela’s blockchain department in India some weeks ago. Hopefully, this same deal will put-forward before the nations across the globe.

The business Standard announced the coinsecure will offer petrol in India after a meeting with the Venezuelan blockchain representatives, implying that all cryptocurrency holders or brokers should start an exchange on their trade. It was later disclosed that there are reactions from a division in India due to this development.

The program which was finally launched in February from a pre-sale deal that came into conclusion in March this year has raised great alarm globally in the world economy. Specifically, with respect to the financial authority imposed on global nations. What next? Will cryptocurrency take-over oil industry in India and across the globe? Kindly seat tight for the concluding part of this news.


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