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Arenaplay is eSports PvP-based Platform with token-based Economics and MMORPG Headliner game. aims for where the developers are able to provide game with transaction based economy, the Players can trade their hardly acquired game set assets to tokens, Mechanics will fit perfect free-to-play monetization. Their main genre is MMORPG’s, MMORTS, MMO Shooters, and there are some possible genre like Card Battlers ,and Tycoons and Strategies.

Arenaplay Token is a Ethereum-based token, it’s used as a premium currency in their free to play game via marketplace or in-game. Players could purchasing in-game goods from other players with this tokens. For example :

  • John has a lot of time and can spend all the day catching fish, mining ores or doing other routine job
  • Alex has only 1 hour per day, but want to play with his friends and compete at the arena
  • John places a selling order for fish and ores at Arenaplay marketplace
  • Alex purchases ores and fish from John to play without any struggle
  • John receives Arenaplay tokens and exchange them to other people, who want to purchase Arenaplay tokens or purchasing something from other players in-game for himself.

Arenaplay only taking 5-10% commission from every peer-to-peer transaction, restocking in-game shop and providing their boost and items for same limited tokens as well.

Due to 6+ years of free to play game development experience, Arenaplay will provide best gaming experience based on popular title, where people would be interested to purchase tokens and spend them.



Arenaplay Roadmap :

ArenaPlay ICO roadmap


For early investor Arenaplay produce 100.000.000 Arena Tokens and crowdsale 80% of them with 50% – 30% – 15% discount at 3 phases for ETH and BTC, 7% of them would be proposed for pre-crowdsale in exchange of 350.000 EUR. They’re leave 20% for their purpose 18 months guaranteed non-spending time. Investor can put his tokens for sale through the system when the marketplace and their game will launch.

The funds will be used for developments (50%), marketing and sales (35%), operations (10%), legal (5%). The First of alpha game and marketplace in period 2.5-5 months after crowdsale. And they’re targeting 6-8 months for market.

For more information please visit the website :

For detailed information of team, Crowdsale offer, ArenaToken, and more please check their whitepaper :

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