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Stake Hex: Best Places To Stake Your HEX Coin & Earn High ROI

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by cryptocreed

Got HEX? Want to earn HEX on your HEX? Then you must try to staking. By just holding or can say staking your HEX coin you can generate passive income.

In this article, you will find the best places where you can stake your HEX coin and can earn a high ROI.

Hex is already one of the popular cryptocurrencies and it is predicted that prices will go up in near future. Hence nothing is better than collecting more Hex without spending any extra money.

Before we start make sure you have installed the Metamask wallet, as most of these sites support Metamask also it is safe too.

Best Places To Stake HEX

There are limited places where you can stake hex.

Hex.Win now Hex.Com

Hex.com is an official website to stake hex coins. If you are in their community then you might aware of this website but if you are new then don’t worry I am here to explain it.

First, visit Hex.com using this link (so you can get a 10% bonus).

Now it will ask you to connect your wallet, most probably it will ask you to connect Metamask. Always do check what the permission site is asking for, if it looks suspicious then stop there and do research.

After connecting the Metamask wallet, click on the Stake tab.

The stake form will get open here enter details like the amount you want to stake, days you want to keep your HEX staked.

Then click on the “Stake” button and you are not staking HEX coins.

Note: go.hex.stake and hex.stake will lead you to the official site hex.com.


StakeHex.com was another site that was active in 2020 but on (2020/02/11) it went offline as some reports came showing Hex is a scam project and the owner is cheating users.

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Here is what the website says,

I have removed the HEX Tool from the app stores, though I don’t have a way of removing it from your phones, but I ask you to please delete it from your phones.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

It has been a wild ride; I hope you all succeed and get rich. I’ve made new friends and learned a ton. You’re all amazing; keep in touch! I’ll be watching from the sidelines.

With best of luck to you all,
– Paul (2020/02/11)

Best Hex Stake Calculator

Following are the active calculator to check stake ROI.

HexCalc – https://hexcalc.net/index.php?mode=reset#close

Stake Hex Today – https://stakehex.today/create-test-stakes

Hex ladder – https://hexladder.web.app/

Hex Is Safe To Invest

It seems they have many accusations, from this I personally do not like to invest in them. Who wants to follow me can stop investing in HEX coin as it seems to be a big scam running by the team.

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