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Crypto Grants Program 2024: Best & Easiest Place To Get Grant For Your Project

by cryptocreed

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Crypto grants are one of the best ways to encourage developers to develop products on top of any network, chain, or protocol. Most projects or networks use the Crypto Grants program to make their ecosystem stronger. It is a proven fact as well.

Grants are not the way to raise funds for your project but it is a thing that covers your specific development cost. Suppose you are developing Dex on Harmony then you may get funds for it or in case you are integrating Velas Account to your app, you can apply for a grant here as well.

Approving your proposal fully depends on each grant project and on your proposal. So make sure you have checked the requirements and guides that are posted by crypto grant programs.

Crypto Grants are also known as Blockchain Grants, Bitcoin Grants, Web3 Grants, Web3 Development Funds, Blockchain Development Funds, Crypto Ecosystem Funds, and different names given by different projects.

If you have any questions, you can ask me through a comment or the contact us page. Let’s check out the list of Crypto Grant programs that may accept you easily. We can also help you to get in touch with some of the following grant programs.

List Of Crypto Grants Programs 2023

At the time of publishing the list, all mentioned crypto grants are active and we believe they will last longer than your thoughts but they might end anytime as well. So do proper research before applying and here is the crypto grants list.

GitCoin – Blockchain Project Development Grants

Gitcoin is what every blockchain developer must try once in their journey either to make money or learn new things. If you or your team is developing something and not sure where to start then GitCoin should be your starting point, as it has lots of startups, blockchain projects, developers, and companies.

It was launched back in 2017 but started growing in 2019 now more than 63 million USD worth of grants or bounties have been distributed.

You can apply for any type of bounties, tips, grants, kudos, ads, and ecosystems.  It has helped more than 110K founders to achieve their goals.

Website: Gitcoin.co

Supported Chain & Coin: All major cryptocurrencies & their native coin Gitcoin(GTC).

Velas Grant program

If you are familiar with the Solana network then you will surely get what Velas is. It is a fork of Solana that comes up with many upgraded features like it is the fastest EVM chain for now.

There are many advantages of receiving a grant from Velas like funding, marketing, support from Velas developers, and other benefits of Velas chain itself, low tx cost of 0.000001$, Solana & Ethereum solidity support, and much more.

A single project can ask for a grant of up to 100K USD for each project. They have a simple grant approval process but the proposal must be beneficial to the Velas ecosystem.

Website: https://docs.velas.com/grants/

Supported Chain: Any project built on or for Velas.

Contact methods: Email, Telegram, Discord, etc

W3F or Web3 Foundation

The Web3 Foundation has funded more than 300 projects directly since 2019. If you are building something on Polkadot then you should start here. The main condition of W3F is that your project must be open source and if your project is on Polka or Kusama then your idea will most likely get funded.

But before applying make sure you have enough time and patience because they are very lazy in approving and replying. Their committee member may go on a long vacation anytime and you may keep waiting for them.

Website: https://web3.foundation/grants/

Supported Chain: Polka & Kusama ecosystem preferred

Contact methods: Email

Ethereum Foundation

Like W3F, the Ethereum Foundation is also supported and run by the community & Ethereum enthusiasts. It supports the projects that are built to support Ethereum in any way. Whether it is the technical or non-technical way.

To date, they have supported more than 300 projects and funded more than 47 million USD. You can get 3 types of grants, first is the Office Hours grant in which you don’t get funds but technical and communications support from the ESP team, in a small grant you can apply for funds of up to 30K USD, and if your project is big then you can apply for Project Grant where you can get funding of more than 30K USD

They have some general restrictions that you must know like projects going for token launch or crowdfunding can’t apply.

Website: https://esp.ethereum.foundation/

Supported Chain: Ethereum

Contact methods: Email

Lego Lido

One of the best places for stake lovers to move around and now it is loved by developers too because of the Lego Lido Grant Program.

They have some open bounties that you can complete and get grants or you can propose your own proposal, like building anything or integrating Lido into your app.

Website: https://lego.lido.fi

Supported Chain: Lido-related projects

Contact methods: Email & Telegram

ZCash Foundation

ZCash Foundation has been active for more than 3 years and funded more than 100 proposals. Proposals are reviewed by the team and can be funded by Zcash Foundation or Zcash Open Major Grants (ZOMG).

There are proposals that received funding of more than 200K USD. Check out the list of some of the received grant proposals here.

Website: https://grants.zfnd.org/

Supported Chain: ZCash

Contact methods: Email & Forum

Algorand Foundation Grant Program

To date, more than 150 projects received crypto grants from the Algorand Foundation. The waiting time for grant proposal acceptance or review is a bit long.

Before applying make sure to check out their grant awardees page to understand what is already been built on Algo. Algo grant is not any crypto VC funding so use the grant to build something specifically for the Algo community.

Website: https://algorand.foundation/grants-program

Supported Chain: Algo

Contact methods: Submittable & Video Chat

Solana Grant Program

Ethereum is gold then Solana is silver in the current market. We are not comparing them, but they claim themselves as the best and better than Ethereum.

They are helping startups build on the Solana chain by providing them with funding, grants, marketing, technical support, VC meetings, and much more.

Simply submit the form and wait for 2 weeks they will get back to you through email if you got accepted or rejected.

Website: https://solana.org/grants

Supported Chain: Solana

Contact methods: Email

Audius Grant Program

The Audius Grant program is funding projects that are developing something related to the music industry on top of Audius. It is run by the Audius Grant Committee which is selected by votes.

Check their Twitter to know when the grant program is active as they check submissions on a monthly basis. They are a bit strict forward so go with proper information and knowledge. Check out their forum and discord to understand how the grant program works here.


Supported Chain: Ethereum or Solana but the project must fall in music and on Audius.

Contact methods: Video Call, Discord, Forum Message, and Email

Near Blockchain Developer Grants

The main of NEAR Foundation Grants is to boost the Near ecosystem and make it more powerful. More than 45 million USD was funded in more than 800 projects.

The thing I like about them is that their Grant team is big and they probably help you if you have any language issues.

You can build products on Near or Aurora protocol and can apply for funding on that idea.

Website: https://near.org/grants/

Supported Chain: Near or Aurora

Contact methods: Video Call is a must, as mail, and telegram

Base Chain Grant

Base Chain is a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly Ethereum Layer Two. The supported node providers are Quicknode, Infura, and Blockdaemon. The Base chain is owned or supported by Coinbase.

Base has partnered with Prop House to launch this grant program which is planned to run from 12 Aug to 28 Aug. There will be multiple rounds so one is finished then check for another one.

The total budget for this round was 100 ETH.

You have to present your already-built project to them.

Website: https://prop.house/base/build-on-base

Supported Chain: Base

Contact methods: Video Call is a must, as mail, and telegram

Bitcoin Grants – Grants To Build On Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and the community supports it by open heart. There are many ongoing Bitcoin grant programs that fund individuals and projects to be built on Bitcoin.

Apply for the following programs:

  • Spiral – https://spiral.xyz
  • Kraken – https://www.kraken.com/features/grants
  • OkCoin – https://developergrant.okcoin.com/
  • Stacks – https://stacks.org/grants

Supported Chain: Bitcoin Blockchain

Contact methods: Different methods

Looking For Help To Get Grant?

You are a founder or developing something? Don’t know how to apply for a grant or want to know if you are eligible for a specific grant or not? contact us at [email protected] or submit a contact form here.

Getting accepted for blockchain grants or cryptocurrency grant programs is not that easy.

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