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Rahakott Wallet Review: What Happened To Rahakott Wallet

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Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by cryptocreed

If you have ever tried to use Bitcoin Anonymous Wallet then you might get to know about Rahakott wallet as it was one of known wallet for users who wants to hide their privacy.

But now it seems the site is gone and the wallet is not working at all. So what happened to Rahakott’s wallet and why are still people getting scammed with fake Rahakott wallets?

In this Rahakott wallet we are going to check and learn more about Rahakott and try to understand what happened to them, is there any alternative available or not.

What Is Rahakott Wallet?

Rahakott is an online bitcoin wallet that has a feature that allows its users to transact cryptocurrency securely without disclosing their identity.

It was launched on 12th Nov 2017 and it become very popular because of its mixer feature and unique registration system. In very little time it has stored more than $30 million worth of different cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned on their website founders are Akke Svenson, Maksim Shreyder, and other anonymous developers. They both have worked in many companies.

Rahakott Wallet Fees

It supports 6 major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BCH, Litecoin, ZEC, Monero, and Dashcoin.  Registration is free as always.

Currency Service Fee Min Network Fee Min Transfer Amount
BTC 0.0005 0.0001 0.0001
BCH 0.0005 0.00001 0.00001
LTC 0.0005 0.00050 0.001
ZEC 0.00003 0.00005 0.0001
DASH 0.00045 0.00002 0.0001

Following are the mentioned withdrawal fees mentioned on their website.

Currency Minimum Overall Fee
BTC 0.0006
BCH 0.00051
LTC 0.00100
ZEC 0.00008
DASH 0.00047

Rahakott Features

The wallet comes with many different unique features and it is the reason why it is loved by the crypto community most. Let’s check them out.


The in-built crypto mixer feature makes it almost impossible to track your transactions. Many people use a crypto mixer or tumbler to mix their coins which cost them more but by having an in-built mixer you can save the fee.


Rahakott wallet supports TOR protocol that adds an extra security state. it also ads other tunnels for better security.

Safe Registration

You do not need to provide any personal information like Email, Mobile Number, or any other thing. It set up a mnemonic phrase while creating your wallet for the first time.

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Rahakott supports 2FA – Two Factor Authentication. All data are encrypted on their servers.

Easy Design

Rahakott has an awesome design that attracts every user more towards them. The wallet is easy to use and can view wallet details like balance and transactions easily. It is available in multiple languages.

HD Wallet Support

The wallet allows you to create a new address for every transaction.

What Happened To Rahakott Wallet

Unfortunately, Rahakott Wallet is now closed and they shut down the wallet in 2020. But there is another fake or phishing wallet available on Google on the same name as Rahakott.

The original Rahakott Wallet domain is https://rahakott.io and the fake one is https://rahakott.ch.

I do not suggest t use https://rahakott.ch/ as they are copying someone else’s website name, design, content, and publication mentions.

Some users reported that they sent Bitcoin to Rahakott wallet but they lost it. Reddit user 20milla said that he sent $2K but it never get deposited and his wallet closed without any prior notice.

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