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Top 15 Most Active Crypto Hedge Funds List [Updated 2024]

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Crypto Hedge Funds List 2024

The total crypto market is now more than $440 billion. And bitcoin alone holds $277 billion of crypto market cap. Since the cryptocurrency market is growing more investors are showing interest in investing in crypto & blockchain-based projects. The number of Crypto Hedge Funds also increased.

There are already many investors who started investing in crypto projects in the group. If you are an investor then you should try to join them or if you are a project owner then you can ask them to invest in your projects.

You can suggest any funds group if you have any, and I will add them to our list of crypto hedge funds.

While visiting the site of any cryptocurrency hedge fund make sure you are visiting the original and official website of it. Because there are already many phishing & duplicate sites running behind the real ones.

List Of Top Crypto Hedge Fund

There are many cryptos fund that is investing in companies, projects, and coins. Here are the top crypto hedge fund companies.

Digital Currency Group or DCG

DCG was founded in the year 2015 by Barry Silbert in New York. It has also owned Coindesk. Till now they invested in more than 150 crypto projects.

They mostly invest in well-established crypto projects.

PolyChain Capital

Polychain was founded by Olaf Carlson-Wee in the year 2016. It is a US-based hedge crypto fund. According to some reports they have invested in more than 60 crypto startups. Their initial investments are Coinbase and pelo.

They have more than $1 billion in cryptos under management.

Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital was founded in the year 2013.  It is the first US Bitcoin investment firm. Originally it was founded in the year 2003 for the first 10 years they were known for traditional funds.

They have invested in more than 75 crypto projects and including token investments.

Galaxy Digital Assets

Galaxy Digital is an NYC-based cryptocurrency investment fund. It was founded by Sam Englebardt, who is investing in projects for the last 15 years, and his most popular investments are Seismic Games, BlockOne,  The Void, & much more.

Galaxy is one of the top hedge funds in NY.

It has more than $400 million under management funds and has invested in more than 30 projects.

Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz was founded in the year 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. A16z aka Andreessen Horowitz’s hedge funds bitcoin is one of the activities in the market.

They are one of the active investment firms in the crypto industry. Till now they invested in more than 100 projects including Polychain. The a16z has $12B in assets under management across multiple funds, including the $1.4B Bio funds, the $865M Crypto funds, and the Cultural Leadership Fund.

Boost VC Crypto Hedge Funds

Boost VC is the California-based cryptos fund founded in the year 2014 by Brayton Williams. They recently announced that they are going to invest in 20 crypto projects in a year.

They have $100 million in AUM.

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Fenbushi Capital

Fenbushi Capital claims that they are one of the first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firms in Asia. It is a china based crypto hedge fund.

They have invested in more than 70 crypto projects including tokens & coins.

Union Square Ventures

USV is a North America-based hedge fund that has $256 million in AUM (according to crypto fund research). Since its launch in 2003, they have invested in more than 150 companies and started investing in a crypto project in 2012 with a props project.

BlockTower Capital

BlockTower is a leading crypto and blockchain investment firm, that applies professional trading, investing, and portfolio management to this emerging digital asset class.

Blocktower capital aum is $60.8 million

IDG Capital

IDG Capital is China’s oldest hedge fund. They launched in the year 1992 and since that, they have invested in more than 1000 companies and they have invested in crypto projects like Kucoin & Coinbase.

Multicoin Capital

It is a Texas-based hedge fund that invests in crypto projects. Founded by Kyle Samani. Since the launch of their fund in 2017, they have invested in more than 20 crypto projects.

Multicoin Capital AUM was $75 million in 2018

BitBull Capital

BitBull was launched in the year 2017. And started investing in crypto projects since their launch. They invest in crypto projects from Pre-ICO to any stage.

The minimum investment amount is $100,000.

Nickel Asset Management

Nickel is a UK-based bitcoin hedge fund that invested in many big companies and specifically banks & finance-related companies.

They also offer custodian services to small investors and companies.

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Some Non-Active or TBA Crypto Hedge Funds


Coincapital terminated its funding process.

Where I Can Find Crypto Hedge Fund Jobs

To get crypto hedge funds jobs you can visit any hedge funds house and find available jobs by visiting their jobs page. Mostly all the sites have their own Job page which shows available jobs.

Crypto Investors Database

CryptoFundResearch.com is one of the finest places to find all the details related to crypto funds like investors’ balance, portfolio, status, and much more.

You can find more than 800 cryptocurrency investors list here with a complete review.

Is There Any Crypto Hedge Fund In India?

Currently, there are no active crypto hedge funds in India but there are some sites that claim that they are bitcoin hedge funds but we do not have the proper information to add them here.

These are the hedge funds buying cryptocurrency in 2023.

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