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How To Donate In Crypto To Ukraine: List Of Verified Donation Links I Donate In Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Polygon

by cryptocreed
Donate In Crypto To Ukraine

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by cryptocreed

Ukraine is under attack

I know everyone wants to help them in this difficult time. More and more people donate to Ukrain, which helps civilians to survive and get food.

Donating cash might not be liked by crypto holders like you when you have your funds in crypto. Donating in crypto is now possible but there are scammers who are popping up to make some money.

Donated money should go directly to needy people.

Hence I decided to search and make a list of trusted donation programs where you can donate directly in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, DAI, and others.

Following are the charities and programs where you can Donate in crypto to Ukraine.

Important: Always do cross-check wallet addresses from official sources.

Note: Last Updated On 20th March 2022

Ministry of Health Crypto Wallets

Ukraine Health Ministry has released their crypto wallet addresses seeking donations.

  • USDT(ERC20):0x5C61b722a3f946930eA4c60AA989F61aE2163646
  • BTC: bc1qhtfj3u6cct69kgdj54s8szl5jscdm7rr7kalt4
  • ETH: 0x5C61b722a3f946930eA4c60AA989F61aE2163646
  • LTC: ltc1qnxqjtjs4suhryk09gnztwcd9htsjkhuxaelkx5

Check out release notice here.

Official Ukraine’s Crypto Wallet

Ukraine as a whole country has announced that they are accepting donations in crypto now. They are accepting donations in BTC, ETH, DOT, and DOGE as of now.

  • Bitcoin: 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P
  • Ethereum: 0x165cd37b4c644c2921454429e7f9358d18a45e14
  • Tether (TRC20): TEFccmfQ38cZS1DTZVhsxKVDckA8Y6VfCy
  • Polkadot: 1x8aa2N2Ar9SQweJv9vsuZn3WYDHu7gMQu1RePjZuBe33Hv
  • Dogecoin: DS76K9uJJzQjCFvAbpPGtFerp1qkJoeLwL

Click here to read official announcement.

Binance Charity Foundation

Binance is raising a total of $20,013,432 out of which $11,381,974.16 is already raised while writing an article. They allocate raised funds to different charities like People in Need, UNICEF, iSans, and Rotary Kyiv.

For donation ID verification is mandatory. To donate visit their charity page here.

Cyberpolice of Ukraine

They have announced asking for donations on their Telegram channel, making cross-verification of Telegram channel from their official website or Twitter.

  • Ethereum, BNB, MATIC, USDT erc20: 0x76136B4d578Df727B132053d9a392eeF202F9a80
  • Bitcoin: bc1qdcg86r4rcgf9s6y9nxtyl80xxz62sunw9nevzr
  • TRX, USDT trc20: TMoeioXTNK1xowtuXFQxnFnf5ZLEJmu7y7
  • Monero:4A3jk6X8cHd2nRPCgdgsYx4S52kYCZkik2ZMYufG9h3KUpMKyJBWtEZVDhFtUs2c8vAWjasc52emETgut61FYf2vNcjugE6
  • Solana: DAVVDfvT9K9yaJNmwu6YyREsrnbLUDkNiGR4s4UM57DN

They have also released their own NFT on OpenSea

  • https://opensea.io/collection/ukrainian-heroes-against-russian-occupation
  • https://opensea.io/collection/russianshipfuckyou

Click here to verify the post of addresses their Telegram channel.


Palianytsia is a Lviv, Ukraine-based charity that provides shelter, food, humanitarian aid, delivery, and other help like physiological helps to the people or victim of war.

You can donate in more than 10 cryptos. Following are their addresses.

  • Bitcoin: bc1qfraqann25zz5acjxf6pwammr2e2zdfwqd4p9ep
  • Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Metis, and Gnosis: 0x707A0A00E2Fcf5329816b5223C91Ea38F22d31a0
  • Near Chain: palianytsia.near
  • TRX: TH98PgJ13mXx3YK8px28oo3d7Bxj7J9nAA
  • Solana: EuxEwa3XhawweggAAVA37snsGhEJ2vzxvoQSMkVNKRga

Visit their website here.

Come Back Alive

Come Back Alive was founded in 2014 in order to support the armed forces of Ukraine. Now they initiated to start supporting every needy person of Ukraine. Use following addresses to donate in crypto to Ukraine.

  • Bitcoin: bc1qkd5az2ml7dk5j5h672yhxmhmxe9tuf97j39fm6
  • Ethereum (eth, usdt, usdc): 0xa1b1bbB8070Df2450810b8eB2425D543cfCeF79b                0x93Bda139023d582C19D70F55561f232D3CA6a54c
  • TRC20: TX9aNri16bSxVYi6oMnKDj5RMKAMBXWzon
  • Solana: 8icxpGYCoR8SRKqLYsSarcAjBjBPuXAuHkeJjJx5ju7a

Visit here for verification of addresses.

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