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How To Delete Crypto.com Account Including Exchange & Card In 2024

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No longer want to be a user of Crypto.com? Want to know how to delete or close your Crypto.com account including Visa Card & Exchange? Then you are at the right place.

In this article, you will get to know how to delete a crypto.com account with a step-by-step guide. Meanwhile, you can check another article on Crypto.com vs Binance comparison.

Precaution To Know Before Deleting Crypto.com Account

You may want to delete your account instantly but you must be aware of the following things.

  • Your account will not be recovered.
  • If you have any funds then withdraw them.
  • If your funds are less than the minimum withdrawal then contact support they will help you out.

Also, if you have fewer funds than the minimum withdrawal and want to close your account. While contacting the support team you should be aware that the withdrawal fee will still be there.

After closing down your account you will be not able to perform any action like withdrawing, trading, or receiving coins. You will be not able to access your account.

Once you close your account you will be not a part of the Crypto.com website hence you are not able to access the Crypto.com exchange account, Crypto.com Visa Card, or Crypto.com Mobile App account.

How To Delete Crypto.Com Account

Let’s learn how to close crypto.com account.

To close your crypto.com account follow the below-given steps.

  1. Send an email to “[email protected]” through your registered email address.
  2. While sending an email using the subject “Close Account“.
  3. Take your photo holding a piece of paper with the following information
  • Your name
  • Today’s Date
  • “Crypto.com”

You have to add some content to your email, it will not affect the closure procedure even if you don’t do.

You can use it to send an email now and they will check the information.

Once your account is closed you will be not able to access it back but you can sign up again to start using Crypto.com again, a fresh start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at some questions that have been asked by users.

How long does it take to delete a crypto.com account?

Nothing has been mentioned on the official website but on average users get responses within 24-48 hours. So how to close my crypto com account?

Crypto.com close account fee?

There is no closing fee on the Crypto.com account but yes there is a fee of $50 on the Crypto.com Visa Card.

How to cancel a crypto.com card?

Once you close your Crypto.com account it will also close other services related to Crypto.com including your Card.

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