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How To Connect Trust Wallet To PanCakeSwap In 2024

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Nowadays everyone is using or using TrustWallet because of its rich features and security. On another side, Pancakeswap is one of the most used decentralized finance chain-based cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is fun to swap newly launched tokens on Pancakeswap through Trustwallet as it takes less time and provides instant service. You don’t have to wait for transferring one wallet to another when you can use Trustwallet to swap tokens instantly.

Let’s have a look at what is Trustwallet & Pancakeswap in brief.

What Is Trust Wallet?

TrustWallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that allows its users to have control over their wallets by having private keys with them.

Users can store any token even newly launched tokens in their Trustwallet and can use Pancakeswap to exchange them.

TrustWallet doesn’t ask for any personal information and it doesn’t store any of your private information. A combination of TrustWallet and Pancakeswap is rocking in especially the BSC community & new projects.

What Is Pancakeswap?

If you have used Uniswap then you will get to know what is Pancakeswap but in fact, it looks far better than Uniswap in comparison to features.

Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange used to exchange or swap any Binance Smart Chain tokens within a few seconds.

How To Connect Trust Wallet To Pancakeswap?

Now let’s see how to use PanCakeSwap with Trust wallet.

Whether you are using iPhone or Android you can follow the below steps to connect your Trust wallet to Pancakeswap, pancakeswap trust wallet.

Install Trust Wallet

First, you need to install a wallet on your device, Trustwallet is available for mobile devices only for Android and iOS.

Do download using official links only as there are already many fake apps available on the Play Store. be aware of scammers and go with the official website.

Enable DApp Browser

After installing TrustWallet you can’t just access any DApp, to access it you need to enable DApp Browser in your TrustWallet which is very important.

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Connect TrustWallet With PanCakeSwap

Go to the DApp Browser page, next search for Pancakeswap you may find it on top of the page (or under the Exchange category) or you can use the search option to search for Pancakeswap.

Once you open Pancakeswap it will ask you to connect with your wallet, “Connect” button in the blue box, and click on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at frequently asked questions by users.

How to get pancakeswap on trust wallet?

To get your pancakeswap on trust wallet you simply need to connect it with your Trust Wallet using the above-mentioned steps.

Trust wallet not connecting to Pancakeswap?

If your Trust Wallet is not connecting with Pancakeswap then you should first uninstall the app and install it again. Or try to restart your mobile.

How to connect trust wallet to Pancakeswap iPhone?

Follow similar above steps and you will successfully get connected with Pancakeswap on your iPhone.

How to connect trust wallet to Pancakeswap on PC?

Unfortunately, you can’t because TrustWallet is not available for desktop (PC) devices.

Best wallet for Pancakeswap?

if you are a mobile user then TrustWallet and WalletConnect are the best wallets for Pancakeswap but if you are a desktop user then Metamask should be your first choice.

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