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XRP Coin Price Forecast 2022: XRP To See Double-Digit Price and Reduced Regulatory Uncertainty

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So far, XRP has had a good run this year compared to 2020’s devastating run. The crypto space has continued to enjoy a mania around the world with the mass adoption of digital assets, be it in DeFi, NFT, or Metaverse markets leading to a lot of these cryptocurrencies hitting an all-time high.

Ripple saw a massive improvement in the first half of 2021 but slowed down in pace towards the end. Experts have predicted that this year is merely a Launchpad for next year’s abundance.

Ripple and its 2021 Arduous Journey

SEC v. Ripple

Part of Ripple’s woes in 2020 includes its $1.3 billion lawsuits with the United States Security & Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC accused Ripple of selling unregistered securities to investors. The suit dealt a devastating blow to the XRP community, who opined that the platform had earlier settled all. The case dragged on for about a year until SEC charged Ripple to provide the document stating the digital asset watchdog’s classification of BTC and ETH as commodities.

Although Ripple has continued to use SEC’s contradictory decision-making as a shield in court, it argues that the documents and SEC didn’t lay bare the fact that XRP is a security. For now, Judge Sarah Netburn has yet to reach a verdict, but all indicators point towards the case dragging into 2022. Here’s an insight into what to expect as an investor or trader of the XRP.

If SEC wins

A win will further give SEC control and power over crypto platforms and their projects. Ultimately, the crypto space will be cramped, and there will be a laid down procedure before any platform can engage in innovations. A spill-over effect is sure to follow Europe if the US stops Ripple from operating in the country.

The market price of XRP will also take a massive hit, and there will be a tendency for the digital asset watchdog to pounce on another cryptocurrency. Tipping Ethereum as the next scapegoat, John Deaton said: “There’s a reason Gensler won’t comment on whether he believes #Ether is security. It’s because he wants the option of going after them. What’s crazy ironic, is that, with Gensler at the helm, the lawsuit could ultimately give Ripple and XRP an advantage moving forward.”

If Ripple wins:

Ripple’s win will be a slap across Security & Exchange Commission’s face and a paradigm shift in securities laws. A win will surely put Ripple on the track, although but would still be difficult for investors to take risks on new projects like Ripple. The market price might skyrocket. Speaking on the case, former head of European Hedge Fund Sales, Raol Paul, said his investment “in XRP after the lawsuit in December has “no-brainer” risk-to-reward statistics. It got heavily discounted in the price, and then I looked at it and thought, ‘Well, what’s it going to do? Fall 100% from here to zero? But if it gets solved, it’s 10 times.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, that’s a no-brainer.’ Why would you not take a 10-1 risk/reward that has a catalyst around it?”

Noteworthy Progress Despite Headwinds

Nevertheless, Ripple has continued to sail through lawsuits and bureaucratic problems. It made a 450% net sales increase in the first three quarters of 2021 from $146.41 million to $806 million. On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service used for cross-border transactions in Ripple helped garner about $497 million in the third quarter. The service, which allows investors to make instant transfers, was increasingly popular towards the first to the third quarter of the year with a 231% increase.

Every quarter of 2021 came with remarkable development for Ripple. The first quarter saw Ripple buying 40% of Tranglo, an Asia-based payment gateway network. Q2 saw a swell in ODL transactions by 250%. The third quarter also recorded another massive win for ODL services as SBI Remit switched from Ripplenet to ODL.

XRP Coin Price Should Interest Both Long and Short-term Investors

There’s been a bullish trend in XRP’s weekly chart so far, forming a cup-and-handle pattern. If this continues, the XRP coin price could reach a 1,625% bullish run towards $34. Investors are advised to keep an open mind as Ripple’s lawsuit win will see its price cross over the $3.82 benchmark.

Perfect Concoction for 2022

For 2022, there’s every chance that XRP will record a new all-time high, although what’s next for Ripple sits on the outcome of the lawsuit against the SEC. With the growing bullish momentum across the cryptocurrency industry, the XRP coin price could breach its previous all-time high in 2022. Still, everything would depend on the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit outcome. A win will set Ripple off another level entirely, and losing will see them leaving the United States and losing market value.

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