Decentralization in online Gambling sector soon to become reality

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BITWIN- Bitcoin casino reveals plans to relaunch platform on the blockchain, offering brand new features and paving the way for the iGaming industry’s decentralization.

Long established status quo in online casino and sportsbook field may soon be altered due to the platform revision, named Bitwin 2.0, that offers a new approach to centricity thanks to blockchain. It will eliminate most pain points bothering contemporary faces of gambling by facilitating unprecedented levels of security, cost-effectiveness, and transparency.

Bitwin platform back-end will be developed on Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees evident game mechanics. The distributed ledger will protect all players and bettors from RNG algorithm tampering and any future attempts to change the outcome of any game or product, in any way.

The extra layer of transparency, which the technology provides will also enable Bitwin labeled products to be thoroughly scrutinized, not only by authorities but also by players themselves.

Recently announced Bitwin’s blockchain plans aim for cross-platform functionality. The casino, by design, will have a feature called Global Jackpot, which will be available to license by white-label platform operators.

Furthermore, the available gaming content will be curated by the users and external game developers themselves, thanks to the game development kit comprised of necessary tools to build upon.

Bartosz Bulda, Bitwin CEO- “Sacrificing three years on finessing product development, we reached a phase that to keep up the attractiveness of the platform with a fast-growing user base we have to experiment with rare advancements on the market.

Blockchain technology will empower Bitwin to augment platform sustainability, fairness, scalability, and get much needed competitive edge in the vertical”.

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