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Inqud Introduces an Advanced Cryptowidget for Effortless Crypto Payments on Your Website

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Inqud, a leader in financial technology, is dedicated to offering a range of payment solutions, including cryptocurrency transactions. Known for its bespoke payment services, Inqud specializes in creating tailored payment experiences with transparent pricing and continuous expert support. The company’s latest upgrade to its popular Cryptowidget marks a significant step in simplifying online crypto payments for businesses.

What’s New in the Cryptowidget?

Refined Design:

In our latest update, we’ve refreshed the Cryptowidget’s look. It now has a fixed width of 392 pixels, ensuring a more precise and harmonious display on your merchant website.

Simplified Redirect Flow:

Integration just got easier with our new redirect-flow process. The merchant can now create a Checkout and specify a returnUrl. In response from the server, the merchant will receive an acquiringUrl. Next, they direct their user to the acquiringUrl, where the payment takes place. After the payment, the user has the opportunity to return to the returnUrl by clicking on the corresponding button. The receipt of notifications by the merchant system occurs through the already existing Checkout webhook setup.”

Enhanced Request and Checkout Statuses

We’ve made significant improvements in user experience (UX). The statuses CONFLICT/OVERPAID will now be marked as SUCCESS. A new overpaid flag in requests indicates if a user has paid more than expected. This ensures transparency in financial operations, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Support for BSC and USDT (BEP-20)

Our system now integrates with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and supports the USDT (BEP-20) token. This addition offers merchants more flexibility in payment options for their clients.

Isolated Styles

The update includes changes in the styling mechanism of the embedded widget version, reducing the chances of conflicts with the main styles of the merchant’s web service.

Inqud is well-prepared and eager to continue delivering exceptional service to clients in these sectors: gambling, betting, adult, crypto, NFT, and pharma industries, as well as fintech, medicine, e-commerce, gaming, affiliate marketing, HORECA, and education.

“We’re excited to present the latest iteration of our Cryptowidget. It’s a reflection of our commitment to making crypto payments accessible and user-friendly. We believe that this update will not only enhance the payment process for merchants but also elevate the overall experience for their customers,” say the founders of Inqud.

Inqud widget

Inqud’s enhanced Cryptowidget is not just a tool; it’s your gateway to seamless, efficient, and flexible crypto payments on your website. 

Discover the future of bespoke payment solutions with Inqud.

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