Blockchain Technology to Power Next Generation Distributed Supercomputers


Supercomputers are very highly and dazzling speeds in order to advance research in aerospace ,fundamental physics and cosmology,science climate,genomics and medicine,and supercomputers are ultrahigh performance machines.

Supercomputing research in the U.S. recieved a boost with the N.S.C.I ,which was introduced in 2015 to advance “exascale” supercomputers capable of performing a quintillion operations a second which is 30 times faster than todays any fastest Computers,or 1 exaflop,by 2025.Of course other countries,notably including china,have similarly well funded plans.

There is much truth in the perception of supercomputers as expensive toys that on;ly major GOV. and global corporation can afford.This the idea of pay as you go massivly districuted cloud supercomputing. and the blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin could have an inmportant role to play.

The distribution of supercomputing is expensively suitable 4 those demanding computting problems that are amenable to massive parallezation ,splitting it a massive problems into many smaller task that can be farmed out easyly a distributed network.

Volunteer citizen scientists are scontributed their own computing resources to BOINC projects for karma points and the satisfaction of contributing to imp. causes.It was the new crowdsourced supercomputing paradigm can achive critical mass only onces viable ways to financially rewards the participants are introduced.

It’s worth nothing that BTC provided a spectacular ademonstration that the general masses wil flock to the weirdest ideas proposede by scientist and social sctivists ,only if they can make some money in the process.

Now about distribution of networks,it was distributes network of computers managed by blockchain and smartm contracts can create a shared economy where anyone with a computers can borrow idle computing power and make a side income .The P2P nature of the blockchain and distributed ledgers will also help move computation closer to where the data is being generated.

Because of the blockchain allows for a decentralized infrastructure,it can bring the data closer to thier consumers and producers,a distributed cloud computing platform,”whereas with centralized cloud computing data centres tend to be located in remote areas.

In fact,while contributors of computing power are unlikely to make more than pocket change by offering their spacres computing power,blockchain based distributed cloud supercomputing cloud create interesting opportunities for operators based close to the data sources.



Bitcoin is a real cryptocurrency that can be exchanged at any time with real money through some exchangers ,purchase or sales.Bitcoin is a one of the most popular virtual currency.It was introduced as open source software in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Payment work p2p without a central repository or single administratior,which has led the US treasury to call bitcoin a decentralized virtual currency.


Who is involved in Bitcoin?

More than $1B of investment into bitcoin and blockchain companies has taken place since it’s invention,thus thousands(+counting) of companies and numbers of individual persons are involved from all over the world.

Control on Bitcoin.

No one controls Bitcoin network,when i heard this at first i also get in trouble, i thinked that thgey are kidding but when i searched on google i find that NO ONE CONTROL BITCOIN is right.Bitcoin transsactions are authenticated an verified by Bitcoin miners which has entire industry and bitcoin cloud mining option.It controlled by everyone,who uses bitcoin as software used for this currency logs and validates activities of the bitcoin across the globe

You can see all transactions.

Yes,you and everyone can see all transactions of Bitcoins,it was completly transparent.Everything is able to be seen on the block chain and its this complete openess that instills a lot of trust and security amongs the bitcoin community.

Everyone can Mine Bitcoins.

Mining Bitcoins is a term that actually youi are using PC program to solve mathematical problems to verify various transaction around the world.Miners can get paid a certain numbers of satoshi’s or Bitcoins by solving problems.

Bitcoin faucet – What Is Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin faucet or faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or an app that distribute the reward in the form of Satoshi,Satoshi which is a part of a bitcoin, for visitors to claim the satoshi or bitcoin in exchange of completing captcha or doing the task which given by faucet owners.And there are also faucets which pay in alternative cryptocurrency ex. etherium,dogecoin etc.
There are 2 different types of faucets which are like, one which pays directly to the wallet of users or visitors of faucet after reaching the payment threshold, which is mainly different from all faucets.and second which give bitcoins or Satoshi through micropayment services.Micropayment has more than hundreds of faucets so users can reach withdraw threshold very fast.

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