UPDATE: 13 Dec 2018

While doing changes on site some of our members received bitcoins in their balance as bonuses. We tried to deduct those “mistakenly sent bonuses” and comment if we deducted your balance, don’t comment those people who received bonuses.

Some of the users are using more than 1 Bitcoin address. Also, some of them trying to create the new account through their own referral link. These actions tend to lose your balance and account.

How to register and Login?

    1. Click here to register.
    2. You will receive mail, open the mail and change your password.
    3. Then click here to login.

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Only addresses linked to profiles will be paid

Rules are changed please read rules before claim! 

Rules: Changed on 10/20/2018

Claim every 2 minute

claim 08 to 25 Satoshi 

Referral commission is 30%

payment proceed once in a  week 

Minimum payout is 30,000 Satoshi 

50 Claim Maximum per person every 24 hour


check your balance


  • Grimlord


    Payments are also on Sundays?

    • CryptoCreed


      Yes, today’s payment already sent. As we have lots of users we are not able to send payment to all users. If you still didn’t receive your payment then please wait for next Sunday. You will get your payment for sure.

  • athamashiara


    Good evening
    I haven’t used this faucet in over a month and i had a balance of 8k satoshi, today i enter the site and read the update so when i went to check my balance you deducted those 8k and i also discovered that apparently someone used my account because i have direct payouts from January 1. I’m loss here i don’t know what could be done, i haven’t used more that one btc address or create another account through my referral link. Please there’s something that you could do? like check my ip address or my email… i don’t know. I appreciate any feedback you can give me

    Thanks in advance

    • CryptoCreed


      Will check on Sunday.
      Edit: Will check within tuesday.

  • ampet


    Please check my balance. In my opinion something is wrong.


    • CryptoCreed


      Nothing is wrong. Explain if you think anything is wrong.

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