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Phemex Quiz Answers: How to Buy or Transfer Crypto on Phemex?

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We all know about Bianance’s Learn & Earn feature but do you know other exchanges like Phemex also allow users to earn free crypto through their learn & earn quiz programs?

Phemex is a crypto exchange founded in 2019 and become one of the most popular crypto exchanges in recent months. It is expected to see more growth of Phemex as stable exchanges like FTX are losing trust.

There are different quiz that includes a number of lessons. In this article, you will find answers to “How to Buy or Transfer Crypto on Phemex? Quiz”

Things To Remember While Taking Phemex Quiz

  1. Learn and Earn page can be accessed here “https://phemex.com/learn-crypto”.
  2. Login to check if you are eligible or not.
  3. Try to use a mobile device.
  4. Questions will be not in the same format for everyone.
  5. Rewards will get credited to your account within 48 hours.
Total reward: $1.00
Start & End Date: NA
What to do: Watch a video of 1.20 minutes and answer 19 questions.


Phemex Learn & Earn Answers: How to Buy or Transfer Crypto on Phemex Answers

There are 5 lessons each gives you $0.50. The following are the answers for each lesson.

Note: You Can Register On Phemex Using Our Link To Support Us.

Lesson 1. Credit Cards

Q1. Does Phemex offer any options to purchase crypto with credit cards?

Answer: Yes

Q2. On the Buy Crypto page, what cryptocurrency is set by default?

Answer: BTC

Q3. Which one of the following payment channels is NOT supported by Phemex?

Answer: CoolCrypto

Lesson 2. OTC/Bank Transfer – Activate Account

Q1. What does OTC stand for?

Answer: Over-the-counter

Q2. What does our OTC service allow you to do?

Answer: Purchase crypto with US Dollar bank/wire transfer

Q3. Which header option must you click first to find our OTC trading page?

Answer: Buy Crypto

Q4. Can you use our OTC services without activating your account first?

Answer: NO

Q5. During the activation process, individuals must select the option labeled:

Answer: Individual

Lesson 3. OTC/Bank Transfer – Deposit Money

Q1. Once your OTC account is enabled, you will see a ______ ______ on the OTC trading page.

Answer: Balance Module

Q2. With your OTC trading account activated, the next step is to:

Answer: Deposit

Q3. Look at the deposit instruction page below and type in the correct reference code that would need to be added to your transfer as a note.

Answer: NAEIQWH (please check this answer as they might use a different image)

Q4. Once your deposit is successful, you will see your fiat balance on the:

Answer: OTC Trading Page

Lesson 4. OTC/Bank Transfer – Purchase Crypto

Q1. With your OTC account enabled and a fiat balance available, you’re ready to:

Answer: Purchase Some Crypto

Q2. Based on the image below, how much time would you have left to click the Buy button before the time expires, and you would have to request a new quote?

Answer: 11 seconds

Q3. Based on the image below, how much LTC did this account purchase?

Answer: 3.14366319 (please check this answer as they might use a different image)

Lesson 5. OTC/Bank Transfer –Transfer Existing Crypto Into Phemex

Q1. If you wanted to transfer crypto to your Phemex wallet, which button would you click first?

Answer: Deposit Button

Q2. On the Deposit page, what’s the crypto the is selected by default?

Answer: BTC

Q3. Hovering your mouse over the Show QR code option will:

Answer: Display your wallet QR code

Q4. If your deposit/ transfer was successful, where can you see your updated crypto balance?

Answer: The Assets Page

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