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5 Best Crypto Copy Trading Apps and Software In 2024

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Want to make money from your crypto? Then it would be best if you tried crypto copy trading once for sure.

Copy trading is not hard even for beginners when you have some knowledge of crypto arbitrage trading or simple trading, still, it contains more risk than any other trading method.

Copy trading follows top traders from the crypto industry, so you are undoubtedly going to follow experts from the trading field.

Finding crypto copy trading software and applications is not hard now, there are lots of apps and software available but choosing the best from them is a bit hard hence we picked the 5 best and most highly used crypto copy trading apps.

What Is Crypto Copy Trading Bot?

Copy Trading is a type of trading where you copy someone else’s trading strategy and trade your own value of coins. This method works for those newbies who have fewer funds and putting their leg into crypto trading for the first time.

It’s all about putting your trust in someone and believing that he will make a profit so you can too. You expect that experienced traders will surely generate more profit than making losses.

Crypto Copy Trading software of apps automatically or manually buys and sells crypto-assets according to your chosen strategy or trader.

5 Best Crypto Copy Trading Apps

Here is the list of the 5 best cryptocurrency copy trading apps or bots that traders most widely uses to perform all type of automated crypto trades.


3Commas is one of the best crypto-bot trading platforms that allows you to copy the strategies of other traders. It supports the top 18 major crypto exchanges. Their features like Rebalancer, Smart Cover, Options Bots, Signals, and Paper Trading are known.

They have more than 220K registered users since its launch in 2017. Their partnership with major platforms and exchanges shows how legitimate they are.

By using 3Commas you are not holding any amount in their platform, instead of that, your coins are safely stored in exchanges. 3Commas Bots can be used to trade but can’t withdraw your funds.

They have 4 different plans including the free one. The starter plan is 29 USD per month ($14.5/month with annual plan), the Advanced plan is $49 per month and $24.5 per month with annual payment, Pro plan will cost you $99 per month and$49.5 per month annual payment.


Gate.IO is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that offers copy trading features. You can check the result of past trades of traders and can choose one according to it. As I saw one of the traders made $124 from his $100 within 16 hours.

You can find information like strategy type, market pair, running time, ROI, total trades, number of copies, etc. To start you need to register on Gate.io and pass KYC.

You can deposit any amount of crypto or can purchase crypto on GATE.


If you are a newbie then you may find Pionex a bit confusing, it is a cryptocurrency exchange built for traders. It has in-built bots that allow users to trade using a different strategy.

Pionex doesn’t offer copy trading but their already-built bot allows you to start trading with different strategies within a few clicks.

It also offers $1288 in trial funds to new users. If you register using this link then you will get $1288 trial funds.

To know more visit the article on Pionex Review.


Coinmatics supports four major crypto exchanges Binance, ByBit, OkEx, and FTX. You can do spot, perpetual futures, tokens, and stock trading as supported by the exchange.

As of now, there are more than 90 strategies on CoinMatics you can choose from. You can also list your own strategy. Some strategies are paid which means you have to pay them a small fee like $5 or $20 per month.

Newbies should join them at least once.


Cryptohopper was founded in 2017 by two Dutch brothers Ruud and Pim Feltkamp with the aim of providing a simple and easy way to trade crypto 24/7.

Now it has more than 530K registered users who love the platform. It is one of the top crypto trading bots that offers copy trading, you can copy other traders’ strategies and make a profit like urging traders do.

It allows you to do paper trading which means trading with fake money for testing or learning. This is the best way to know how do crypto trading works on Cryptohopper.

They do have 4 different plans including a free plan. The lowest plan you can purchase for $19.00 per month and the highest plan comes for $99.00 per month.

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