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WunderTrading Review: Legit Or Scam Crypto Automated Trading Bot

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Trading crypto with an automated trading bot is a time-saving and profit-generating process for traders. WunderTrading is one of those computerized crypto-trading bots that perform crypto trades for you. It is made for every type of trader.

WunderTrading has been there for last many years and it has become one of the best choices for traders in the market but it is really worth joining, trusted or scam, safe to use or not, better than competitors or not, and much more to know about them.

In this WunderTrading review article you are going to know every detail related WunderTrading and the most important part is to know if you should use them or not.

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Note: WunderBit is now WunderTrading.

What Is WunderTrading?

WunderTrading is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform where traders perform their trade while sleeping as well. It helps them to trade their coins as they like to do even when they are not able to access the platform.

It was founded by professional traders who come from different fields of finance, anti-money laundering, and software development, and experienced traders. The team members have working experience in companies like Deloitte, SEB, Swedbank, and Marex Spectron.

Started as a small start-up somewhere in Eastern Europe with the aim of providing a secure and simple automated trading service to traders from every region.

WunderTrading was founded in 2017 in Latvia. It is not regulated because it doesn’t have any control over the user’s funds, in the form of direct control.

Their Copy Trade feature is the most transparent trading strategy that allows you to track records by yourself by using an advanced trading terminal or create your own bot using Trading View.

WunderTrading Features

All trading bot platform has their own features and they are known for that so let’s see what Wundertrading brings to their users.

Copy Trading Bot

Copy trading is also known as mirror trading and some platform calls it Shadow Trading as well. The feature allows you to trade in others’ shadows, which means you choose to follow any profitable trader from the platform and put the money in them.

After that everything goes according to the trader that you followed, if he makes a profit then you will also make a profit and when he goes into a loss then you will also get in the loss. All available traders for copy are professional traders hence there are chances that you will get experienced trading strategies without having any experience.

WunderTrading has a simple marketplace for that where you can find a list of experienced traders with transparent details. You can check past trades, stats, and metrics of each trader before copying them.

Supported exchanges for copy trading are Kucoin, Bitmex, Bybit, Binance, OKX, and FTX.

Dollar Cost Average

The Dollar Cost Average (DCA) bot is a known and very famous type of bot that is on many platforms. It set the amount of an asset at specified intervals.

The available settings for Wundertrading Copy Trade are Limit entries, multiple entries, multiple take profits, trailing stop, stop loss, order size % or fixed amount, swing trading, DCA trading, Any signal from any source, trading view alerts, automated move to breakeven.

Used strategies on DCA bots are Hybrid, Price based, fixed interval, and time-weighted.

Multiple Account Management

WunderTrading provides you with multiple account management features which will help you to manage multiple accounts across different crypto exchanges. You can add multiple APIs to your account and start trading on all of them at the same time with one simple single click.

Bot Marketplace

The marketplace is the place where you can find a list of hundreds of different types of cryptocurrency trading bots. Choose the one and start trading without having any experience or knowledge.

Or you can also analyze bots to make your own and put them on the marketplace to generate profit from it as well.

Advanced Trading Experience

The software is not only secured but is also well-designed and optimized so that you can find every required detail in one place.

The dashboard shows the feature so that you can execute trading, strategy management, risk management, and money management.

24/7 Customer Support

In case you faced any problems or have any queries then they are available for you at any time. It offers 24/7 customer support through different channels.

They have a help center where you can find all possible guidance and knowledge to guide you throughout your journey with WunderTrading.

Their live chat support is the best way to get answers to any question.

At last, you can use their Telegram group as a support platform, as there are many experienced traders with admins active to help you out with any problem.

WunderTrading Is Legit Or Scam?

WunderTrading aka WunderBit is one the legit and trusted crypto trading platforms. WunderBit is listed on TradingView with a reputation of 822.

On TrustPilot they have a rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 103 reviews. There are rarely negative reviews that I can mention here, mostly all of the negative reviews are just from absolute beginners who don’t learn to use the platform before putting in their money.

They have partnered with major trusted cryptocurrency exchanges like MEXC, Binance, and Bitget.

Do you think that such exchanges are going to support or sponsor scam projects? No definitely not. They are supporting it because it is a legit platform.

WunderTrading Referral Program

WunderTrading has an attractive referral program that allows you to earn 20% of your referred friends. You will get a lifetime 20% commission from every purchase made by your referral.

You will also get a 10% off discount on your monthly plan for a lifetime.

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