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Best Aeternity Wallet To Store AE Coin Safely In 2024

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Aeternity (AE) was one of the emerging coins in the market in 2018-19 but later after 2020, there is drastic drowning in the price and market cap. Even though the coin is making its place in the top 600 coins and actively posting on social media it makes them a more active coin.

The coin and project itself were founded in 2017, it is a blockchain platform that powers high bandwidth transacting, purely functional smart contracts, and decentralized oracles to scale smart contracts and dapps and off-chain contract execution.

The project is active for the last 5+ years and the team is trying to push forward the project even though it is not performing we do not know when the project will come back hence holding your coin at the safest place is important to have the best and safe wallet.

Best Aeternity Wallet (AE Wallet)

Trust Wallet

You can store your Æternity coin in TustWallet and can get control over your wallet which means TrustWallet is a non-custodial wallet. You can use TrustWallet from any device, the wallet is available for mobile, desktop, and browser.

You can download the app from Play Store, App Store, APK, or Chrome Web Store. More than 10 million people downloaded the app on Play Store and 200K+ on the web store and a similar number on other stores.

Users can store, receive, send, exchange, and use the AE coin in TrustWallet. They support all major Dapp that allows users to use coins on different application from one place.

Wallet Page: https://trustwallet.com/aeternity-wallet


AirGap is one of the safest Aeternity wallet to store AE coins as they offer offline transactions. The unique feature allows you to make or sign transactions offline using the AirGap vault and proceed with the same using the AirGap wallet.

The AirGap has features like offline secret storage, BIP85 Child Entropy, Coin Flip & Dice Roll, Fully Open Source, Social Recovery, BIP39 Passphrase, SegWit support, Supports Metamask, and offline transaction.

You don’t need to install Airgap Vault on the same device that has the Wallet app.

You can stake coins to earn up to 7.2% APR, exchange coins, and store coins like Tezos, Ethereum, Cosmos, Bitcoin, Aeternity, Litecoin, etc.

Wallet Page: https://airgap.it

You Can Trade AE On Following Exchanges: HitBTC, Gate.io, and MEXC.


Venly is one of the best and most secure wallets to store AE coins. It was founded in 2018 and currently has more than 3 million unique wallet users. They have raised more than 25 million USD to date.

Venly has a team of more than 50 members who work to provide 24/7 customer support. Apart from wallet Venly also provides other integrated features or products like NFT tools, Gaming, E-commerce, Wallet Widgets, etc.

It supports more than 13 blockchains including Aeternity.

Wallet Page:https://venly.io/product/wallet-solutions

Atomic Wallet – Best Aeternity Wallet

Atomic Wallet has more than 5 million users worldwide. It is secured, decentralized, and anonymous. Atomic Wallet supports more than 46 coins including Ethereum, ADA, Bitcoin, and Aeternity. It also supports more than 1300+ ERC20, BEP20, & TRC20 tokens.

Atomic Wallet can be used on any device like Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Play Store, App Store, and APK for Android. The unique feature that rarely any wallet provides is Online Support, AtomicWallet provides 24/7 Live Chat and email support.

Wallet Page: https://atomicwallet.io/aeternity-wallet

Where I Can Buy Aeternity?

Currently, AE coin ranks around #700 according to market cap and it can come back in the top 500 at any time chances are high that the price will go up in the bull run.

If you want to buy AE coins then they are available to trade or buy from the following exchanges HitBTC, Gate.io, and MEXC.

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