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Aleo Airdrop: How To Become Eligible For Aleo Airdrop

Aleo is airdropping almost $9000 each user. They have raised almost $300 million from investors like Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Tiger Global, and Samsung Ventures.

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Aleo is one of the most promising projects backed by big investors. They have raised almost $300 million from investors like Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Tiger Global, and Samsung Ventures.

If you are an airdrop hunter like me then you must check out the Aleo project, which has secured big funding and is actively working on a project that can benefit early users.

SoftBank and Kora Management held the investment rounds, backed by Tiger Global, a16z, Samsung Ventures, and others.

Aleo Airdrop Details

According to some assumptions on average users with a value of a transaction of $1000 can claim around $500 to $2000. The cost will not be much and it can vary between $10 to $100 depending on you and your transactions.

What To Do:

  • Make transactions
  • Bridge on Aleo network
  • Swap on the Aleo network
  • Use Aleo ecosystem Dapps
  • Make transactions of at least $10,000
  • Make at least 100 transactions
  • Use Dapps daily

Costs: Free but transaction costs can be around $10 to $100

Time: Daily 5 to 20 minutes

How To Become Eligible For Aleo Airdrop

Let’s start hunting for an Aleo airdrop follow every step to become eligible for a possible Aleo airdrop.

Install Aleo Wallet

There is an officially supported wallet called Leo Wallet, you must use this wallet to make any transaction on the Aleo blockchain.

Leo wallet is a Chrome Extension wallet used by more than 200K users and it has received a grant from Aleo Foundation.

While having an LEO wallet you need to have an Ethereum wallet as well with some testnet ETH.

Claim Testnet Aleo Coins

You can claim free testnet ALEO coins from the official faucet which is hosted on Discord. To claim free ALEO coins you have to copy your ALEO address and join the official ALEO Discord channel from here. Another method of claiming test net ALEO coins is using your number.

To get Aleo coins using your mobile phone:-

  • Go to faucet page: https://faucet.aleo.org
  • Send a text message to the number shared on the faucet page
  • (Text 📱 +1-867-888-5688 with “Send 50 credits to aleo1xxxxxx”)

Get testnet ALEO coins using Discord:-

Make Transactions On Different ALEO dApps

It’s time to increase the count of transactions on Aleo.


AlphaSwap is officially talked about by Aleo. This is one of the oldest and first dex built on Aleo. It allows users to swap their public & private tokens on the Aleo blockchain, users can also participate in liquidity.

  • Go to AlphaSwap
  • Connect your Leo wallet
  • Go to the faucet page
  • Claim all the possible coins
  • Go to the Swap page and make at least 5 swaps daily
  • Also, add Liquidity from the Liquidity page.


PrivX is a trading platform built for Aleo traders, they won the 7th spot in the official Aleo builders program. Here you can create your token on ARC20 Aleo Blockchain or you can perform trades.

  • Go to PrivX
  • Connect your Leo wallet
  • Click on the Claim button to claim free PX and USDT testnet coins.
  • Now go back to the Trade page and make trades, try to do daily 2 to 5 trades.
  • Create your own ARC20 tokens


IZAR is still in development hence if you are looking for testnet Bridge for the Aleo blockchain then you can try it once. You can bridge Sepolio ETH to ALEO ETH.

  • Go to IZAR
  • Connect your Leo and Metamask Wallet
  • Make sure you hold some free ETH Testnet coins.
  • Bridge ETH from Sepolio to Aleo network and Aleo to Sepolio network
  • Make at least 3 to 5 bridges daily

Other Aleo dApps

AleoNames: Claim your own ANS names and register to your address.

ArcaneFinance: Claim from the faucet, and perform trades and swaps daily.

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