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BounceBit Invite Code: Earn Yield From Your Idle BTC

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by cryptocreed

BounceBit is the first-ever native BTC Restaking chain. The BounceBit network is secured by staking both Bitcoin and BounceBit tokens. BounceBit’s PoS mechanism introduces a unique dual-token staking system by leveraging native BTC security with full EVM compatibility.

In a groundbreaking move, BounceBit introduces the mixed DeFi and CeFi yield mechanism, allowing BTC holders to earn yields through native validator staking, a DeFi ecosystem, and a CeFi mirroring mechanism powered by Ceffu and Mainnet Digital.

BounceBit is backed By Blockchain Capital, BreyerCapital, NGC Venture, Matriport, Arcane, Bankless Ventures, CMS, Dao5, IDG Capital, HTX Ventures, MEXC Ventures, Nomad Capital, and many more.

Unused BounceBit Invite Codes

& adding more Bouncebit Invite Code regularly so check this article regularly if you are not getting invite code anywhere else. You can also comment to get the invite code faster.

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To increase the chance of airdrop you can bridge a minimum of $10 daily this way, the number of transactions will increase and amount as well. The more you bridge the more points you will earn.

Let’s understand how to join the airdrop. Follow the below steps one by one.
– Visit bouncebit.io and click on Join Early Access. A form will pop up.
Enter your invite code and click on Enter Invite Code. In the next steps, you will have to connect your wallet, Twitter, and Discord account.
– Connect your wallet by selecting your wallet provider and following the instructions to sign the message to log in.
– Confirm the connection to Twitter by clicking Authorize App.
Confirm the connection to Discord by clicking Authorize. Make sure you have enough space in your server list, otherwise the connection might not work.
You now have successfully created your account. If you want you can edit your username and profile picture by clicking on Edit Profile in the upper right corner when you click on your name.
To continue your journey with BounceBit, learn how to deposit your tokens here: How to Deposit

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