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Supra Missions Quiz Answers – Week 58 Quiz Ans

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Last Updated on June 15, 2024 by cryptocreed

SupraOracle is a new project in the market, and most crypto people who interacted with Supra think that it will blast when it launches.

To spread the word of the SUPRA they launched a weekly quiz where you will get rewarded with tokens & points. This will be worth something in the future for sure.

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Following are some other trusted & active Airdrops that you can join.

  • SynFutures – Earn BLAST points plus SYN points, and you will get dual airdrop
  • Grass – has already raised $4.5 million and is backed by PolyChain Capital, launching in April 2024.

You can join Supra using our link to support us. You can also check out the answers to all weeks here.

What Is SUPRA?

Supra is a project that aims to enhance the security and speed of blockchain oracles with cutting-edge security guarantees via a novel consensus mechanism highly liquid cross-chain interoperability and a brisk 2-3 seconds to finality.

Hey there, Cadets! Alpha Dog reporting back for another mission. After a look at the challenges devs face in the Web3 space and the need for vertical integration in the last mission, it’s time to lift the covers off the next frontier — Super dApps. Listen close now, there’s a quiz awaiting you at the end with one shot to hit the right answer.

Supra helps developers access the off-chain and cross-chain data they need, bringing their protocols as close as possible to the data faucet.

For more information, you can visit their website.

Total reward: Estimating $500 to $1000
Start & End Date: N/A
What to do: Answer quiz questions every week.

Supra Missions Quiz Answers Week 58

Here is the updated list of Supra Missions quiz answers which you can use to answer the Supra Oracle Mission Quiz questions.

Question 1: What is the role of the Partial Execution algorithm in Supra’s parallel execution strategy?

Answer:- It optimizes how transactions are ordered, speeding up parallel execution.

Question 2: How does Supra’s Tribes and Clans design contribute to parallel execution?

Answer:- By sharding the node network into sub-committees called Clans.

Question 3: What is the main goal of parallel execution in blockchain?

Answer:- To minimize the end-to-end latency of transactions.

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