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SmartPlay.Tech - smartroulette is a  online gambling platform based on popular Ethereum crypto currency offers to become co-owner on their business by playing roulette game on, which successfully presents thier first game , There are more than three hundred players and many partners are joined this community in last  two month.

It is not necessary to deposit as users can start performing on  by installing Metamask extention in google chrome.Various types of bets, such as Corner, Split, Sixline, etc. Users can may place upto 64 bets on different fields at one turn. This game is provably fair so users don’t need to worry, payouts are fully automated being controlled by the smart contract. The current house edge in game is about 2.7%, house edge is very important to run any gambling business.

The game is available both on Mainnet and Testnet.  To test this game users may select Testnet mode in Metamask and get some free ETH.

Based on the results of the collected statistics, according to which more than 15 000 spins have been made and about 50 000 bets have been placed, it became possible to get and distribute more than 467 ETH of profits between investors. This comprises approximately 3.5% in ethers and about 9% in US dollars from invested funds. ( This reports are taken from newsbtc )

Advantages of the game

At the current time SmartPlay.Tech team is designing 3D animated of the game(SmartRoulette) with visual and sounds effects which evoke a sense of real presence in the gambling hall has been evolved. This 3D design is currently under testing.

SmartRoulette is not giving any free deposit bonuses to play and win to new users, at that place they are providing 200 free spins to test the game, which is really better than any free deposit bonus.

Users can perform without registration on the main site but before start playing you should add metamask extension in your browser. Nowadays every gambling sites are trying to give access of the game to their users without registration and it is very easy to accessible

The smartroulette team are planning to release new version of game, in which users can play the game with using RLT tokens instead of ETHEREUM.

Spining time is reduced to 3 seconds.

Based on the data received from primary players and testers, the roulette version that allows solving the problem of “difficult game” without installing additional extensions and registering a wallet has been developed. Over the last two months from the project start eight dividend payouts to RLT token holders for a total of 467 ETH ($ 57,908 at the exchange rate as of 05.20.2017) have been made. Also RLT token is successfully added in exchange market in livecoin and the requirements for RLT token listing received from the administration of Bittrex are being carried out.

How To Play On

Before playing game on  every users need to install Metamask extension in google chrome and reload page, it connects your browser with smart contract. Metamask extension is approved chrome web store.

Update: RLT token is just enter in exchaneg market  on”livecoin exchange”  on 20th May 2017. Users can trade RLT token in different currencies  BTC, ETH, USD, RUR 

Update:  SmartRoulette is giving free 200 Spins to test the game, after successfully 200 spins played every users will get Upto 10$.

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