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0xPad Review: Multichain Decentralized Launchpad & Incubator Platform

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Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by cryptocreed

There are many new launchpads are coming up but not all of them make their own space in this area but platforms like 0xPad have the potentials to grow with their backers.

Whether you are a small or big investor or project owner then you must know about this platform which can rock the launchpad section within the crypto community.

In this article, we are going to know more about the 0xPad platform, backers, and the future of the platform.

What Is 0xPad?

0xPad is a multichain IDO launchpad with a decentralized incubator protocol. It has the aim to provide space for innovative ideas to prove themselves and investors to get involved in promising projects. It is based on Binance smart chain at launch and is believed to accept more networks.

They focus on decentralized policy so the decentralized launchpad and incubator protocol will allow angel investors & seed funders to get participate without any fear. In short, everyone can get their chance to involve in.

0xPad IDO

They are raising funds with a hard cap of 720K USD and a soft cap of 450K USD. The token sale is going on their own platform so it is the right time to check how does the platform work.

While writing the article they have already raised more than 393K USD and it seems they are going to reach soft cap soon.

Check token sale details below.

  • IDO Access: Stakers and Guests
  • Token Distribution: 100% at TGE
  • Token Price: 0.06 BUSD
  • Sales pool size: 13,000,000 0xPAD
  • Ticker: 0xPAD
  • Total supply: 100,000,000
  • Softcap/Hardcap 450K/720K

Anyone can join the token sale, you do not need to hold any amount of any token or coin.

0xPad Features

Every platform has its own features on which they are proud of hence 0xPad comes with its own features which will help them to grow.


The main feature of the project is their own IDO launchpad that allows members of the platform to participate in any project’s token sale according to their tiers and levels. Different levels and tiers will do fair token sales.


Little investors do worry about their funds because they don’t want to lose on any random projects hence it is good to follow others, in 0xIncubator anyone can add funds to the pool where there are many investors are already added their funds to get early access to incubated projects.


It is a liquidity mining feature that allows participants to earn high mining rewards and also gets a high membership level with early access to IDOs and Incubator pools.


0xVault is a simply staking & Incubator vault, with holders of native tokens to get early access to all the above features of the platform.

Perfect Vetting

They have a proper and perfect strategy and plan on choosing the project before adding them. Evaluating projects on the basis of use-case, roadmap, tokenomics, and vesting timeline. After passing all these stages they s

Partners & Backers

0xPad has partnered and collaborated with BSCDaily, BSCTimes, ETNANETWORK, SOLIDProof, Polygon, Pancakeswap, and Binance Smart Chain

Official Links

Website: https://0xpad.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xpad

Telegram: https://t.me/zeroXpad

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