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The Launch of Credits Blockchain Mainnet Platform For Public

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on May 3, 2021 by cryptocreed

On the 31st of March, Credits blockchain company announced the release of Mainnet, creating a new line of blockchain-based products for a new generation.

Credits are designed to provide high-speed transfer of digital assets and commands in a decentralized and distributed environment with high-speed reading & writing operations with storage. It serves an all-purpose mediated between the technology and the business.

The platform has the following features:

  • High network capacity – more than 50 000 transactions per second
  • Minimum time to process a transaction is around 0.1 seconds
  • Low fees ranging from $0.001
  • Smart Contracts with advanced features and tools

It’s been a year-long journey to get this technical masterpiece. From the beginning, we were intended to bring absolutely new solutions that could find its application in a wide range of industries– Chugunov said.

After a year of development, and testing, Credits company is currently ready to roll out its product and services across the globe. The launch includes the public availability of the main Credits Platform components including:

The releases of the Credits Mainnet are an example of a long-anticipated milestone. The ambitious efforts helped Credits attract the titanic attention of developers around the world. The credits team has a goal to pioneer the use of blockchain in various industries, all with the same focus on quality.

All components of the Credits network are available online at developers.credits.com

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