BlooCYS ICO and project Details

Bloocys is like the marketplace of consultancy services. Which provide all type of consultancy services instantly. Bloocys is inspired by the Uber services. In Uber you can hire taxis from your smartphone and in one touch, which is very fast,  cheap and efficient. Bloocys follows same way of working like Uber does. This will be be for hiring consultancy services instead of hiring cabs or taxis.

Finding expert for your business or work is not easy as it looks. There are many questions which stopped us hiring experts from freelancing sites and companies. The problems are:

  • Experts response time is very slow, its really very irritating when you   you hire a expert for your urgent work and before hiring he  or she talks nicely but after hiring him they reduce showing their interest and start responding late.
  • In classic way you have to talk with the experts and when you fill satisfy then you hire him. But this process takes much time, it may consume your day or weeks.
  • Geographical barrier, you may not find accurate expert in your cities at that time you have to hire experts from different cities or sometimes countries.
  • Charges are much higher sometime. Some expert charge for 30  minutes and some may charge 60 minutes.

The problems above are really big and need to tackle these. The Bloocys is the building service where all the above barriers will get sorted out. And Bloocys promised to provide better platform than others.

  • BlooCYS will provide a list of expertplace platform and will have comprehensive list of experts with filter of expertise and skills. The verification will be done before adding experts in list.
  • Most of expertise people are like to work from their home and experts like to find freelance jobs easy. Bloocys provide the easiest and simplest platform for finding freelancer
  • BlooCys provides feature like BlooCYS real time video, where freelancer can demand experts to make face 2 face video chat.
  • By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, it offers low transaction fees and fast and easy way to receive payment.

According to BlooCYS site, what is BlooCYS?

 BlooCYS is ultimately an Uber-like platform that helps consumers hire the right professional for the consultancy service they need. It can be learning a new language. Getting a makeup or hair tutorial. Or fixing a bug or an IT related problem. The possibilities are endless. All via video. And in real time.

For more details about the project BlooCYS and comparison between Freelancer, UpWork and BlooCYS described in details on their whitepaper.

Tokensale details 

Token CYS is based on ERC20 standard Ethereum blockchain. The total number of tokens issued by BlooCYS will be 1,000,000,000 CYS.

Pre Sale: September 2018

Public Sale: November 2018 – January 2019

Soft Cap: 5 USD Million

Hard Cap: 40 USD Million

Token Ticker: CYS

Rate per token: 0.10 USD

Accepting currency: ETHEREUM

Token Allocation details

ICO’s and Bonuses: 40%

Bounty & rewards: 10%

Advisors and early supporters: 5%

Founders & Team: 15%

Reserved: 30%

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W12 ICO and project details

W12 is the open Blockchain protocol for creation of simple and fast smart contract. You may plan to launch ICO or any project which may require smart contract. And that time you have to hire developer and have to pay them some extra money. W12 is here solving all your problems. W12 is the platform where you can develope or create own smart contract for your ICO or project. It is much  more easy as you think.

W12 is easiest way to develop smart contract. Why to pay extra when you are getting same thing at low price. W12 platform includes not only smart contract , it has DAO governance and decentralized oracle network. You can use W12 platform to raise funds for any of your campaigns like for your ICO (utility and security), Charity or any other crowdfunding.

Oracle network on W 12 assure funds safety and project progress. Investors are able to release funds when they find decided milestone reached or not. You don’t need any programming or technical knowledge to use W12 platform. W 12 platform is easy to integrated with the projects which are already running in market.

There are some projects which are same functions like W 12 has but according to w12 white paper they are better than others because of their some attractive features.

Below are those features:

Refunds up to 95% of funds invested in unrealized project to investors.

Provides the possibility of limiting the sale of tokens by early-stage investors on exchanges immediately after an ICO to prevent token price drops (when the project activates the Token Hold function).

For new project it is easy to attract more investors because of success of W12, which helps in saving extra funds and time.

Creates infrastructure for the decentralization of capital and establishes a new standard for safe investment in projects.

Enhances early-stage project investment yield more than tenfold through the purchase of tokens and reduces risks for investors.


According to whitepaper, currently the biggest problem in ICO or crypto market is of scam projects and ICOs. To remove such scams ICO owners can choose w12 for their ICO and investors can trust w12 because they release funds only if you are agree to release.

For more details on how it works and other problems and solutions which will perform by w12 team can read on their whitepaper.

 Token specification and ICO details:

Token type: Ethereum

ICO start date:  01/nov/2018

ICO end date: 12/dec/2018

Soft cap: 3000 ETH

Hard cap: 22500 ETH

A rate of a token (ICO): 1 W12 = 0.00035 ETH

Min purchase: 1.5 ETH

Accepting: ETH, BTC and LTC

KYC required: YES

Bonus: Up to 33%

Token distribution details:

Tokensale: 60%

Team & Founders: 15%

Reserve funds: 15%

Early long term investors: 5%

Integration with partners: 2%’

Bounty and other marketing: 2%

Airdrop: 1%

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You may tired of storing your cryptos in PC or mobile. Sometime you have to visit from one place to another to send your cryptos. In these development era why  you or anyone has to use classic wallets only for keeping  their cryptos?

“Sidera combines the best of two worlds, blending the revolution of Blockchain technology with the innovation of IoT wearable devices.” Camillo Piscitelli – Project Envisioner”

Now with the help of Sidera’s product you can keep your cryptos with you, anytime and anywhere. They plan to develop smartwatch and contactless smartband in use of POS (Point Of Sale). SmartBit will be the first Decentralized Wearable Device. Blockchain again proved one of the best technology of current and upcoming era.

Continuum, will be first physical decentralized wearable exchange from Sidera for crypto world. This will be very excited news for crypto lovers, you can buy and sell your coins on your wrist. In december 2018, beta release will take place, Q1 2019 Continuum exchange will be start and in Q3 wholesale distribution of wristwatch will be take place.

As mentioned in whitepaper, Sidera is developing smartwatch which can do following things:

  • Can send and receive crypto between SmartBit devices.
  • You can access your smartwatch with your arm movements.
  • Ghost mode, you can hide crypto features from your watch. It will work as normal watch.
  • NFC pos payments with on-the-fly crypto to FIAT conversion, you can pay in USD in any shop with your watch.

eQUOS Token specification and ICO details:

Token type: Ethereum

ICO start date:  01/sep/2018

ICO end date: 15/oct/2018

Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD

A rate of a token (ICO): 2  USD

Min purchase: 100 USD

Accepting: ETH and FIAT

Bonus: Up to 20%

eQUOS Token distribution details:

Tokensale: 72%

Team & Founders: 15%

Collaborators: 6%

Reserve: 4%

Partnership and Advisors: 3%

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One of the most revolutionary technologies of the present era is blockchain technology that plays the key role in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, the technology can benefit a host of other industries too. One such industry is healthcare. This technology helps in better management, streamlined processes, and foolproof security. Thus the technology plays a pivotal role in solving some of the most crucial healthcare issues that require collaborative research.

In healthcare, critical information is scattered across multiple systems and sometimes, it may not be accessible when needed the most. The current healthcare infrastructure has often been called inadequate to handle information exchange and requires certain tweaks. Blockchain has gone beyond the “innovation trigger” and is just at the “peak of inflated expectations” according to most recent Gartner Hype Cycle and could perhaps transform how we view healthcare and data together.

Benefits of BlockChain Technology in Healthcare industry

  Effective and cost efficient

Streamlined and hassle-free data sharing across key healthcare providers play a pivotal role by offering the benefits like cost efficient treatments, precise diagnosis and eventually the better cure for various diseases. By utilizing the blockchain, healthcare providers can work simultaneously with the help of networks with enabled shared access. Effective data tracking and powerful security provisions are other purpose-specific features offered by blockchain solutions which are way beyond previous technology.

Powerful monitoring

One of the key issues for ensuring a better healthcare management network is constant, powerful monitoring. As a precise response, the blockchain allows for documenting the transactions in a decentralized record. It enhances precision and brings transparency while at the same time saving the crucial resources like time, costs and efforts.

Better Collaboration

To the great extent, the success of any public health care initiative depends upon the collaboration of various parties involved and deep insights into vital healthcare trends. With the help of distributed ledger technology, it proactively promotes the innovation in the field by empowering key participants to collaborate and group research.

Transparent and organized processes

Healthcare being a crucial industry, it is very important to ensure the well-organized methodology as well as transparent processes. At the same time, the high-end security measures and 100% accuracy is equally, if not more, important. Blockchain technology not only results in integrated healthcare information but also maintains traceable records of distributed data and work. Besides, the public/private key access strongly safeguards the overall security by eliminating chances of data leakage. The blockchain also facilitates tracking the movement of drug from producer to the patient. Apart from ensuring timely supply it also eliminates the chances of counterfeiting.

Easy access and Budget Control

The uninterrupted connectivity with level-based authorization and easy access greatly empowers the providers/researchers. By automating the tedious processes, the blockchain helps the healthcare industry to extract the maximum potential of manpower during different phases and processes. As a result, it enhances the human productivity and increased productivity means better output in a shorter span of time. By enabling slicing the processes into different phases blockchain technology also helps to keep the budget under control, lowers administration costs and allows a better, purpose-specific utilization of allocated funds.

Protection of crucial data

One of the major challenges during the research and development processes is leakage of crucial patient data that can be used for the malicious purposes or vested interests. Another challenge is to ascertain that only the authenticated and most updated version of patient information/diagnosis data available to different parties during different phases.

Equipped with the latest cryptographic features, blockchain technology not only facilitates checking the data authenticity with the help of digital signature but also it helps in offering a foolproof security to the data. Thus it offers the precise solution to the twin issues of trust and security.

A good example would be Stem Cell Innovations.  Stem Cell Innovations focuses on research and development in the field of stem cell science, with the dual purposes of furthering human longevity and expanding access to stem cell treatments through cutting-edge technology. The company is led by co-founders Moe Galal and Ben Barel, and the ultimate goal for the company is to connect people who need treatment with a dedicated team of professionals who can provide personalized solutions based on patient factors and demographics collected in their dual blockchain-supported platform.

Extracting the best benefits

While there are diverse points of digitally collecting the healthcare data, it is even more important to extract the best benefits out of this healthcare data without complicating the processes. For that purpose, the portability of data and uniform compatibility while working across diverse systems, is very important.

Due to its keen focus on streamlined flow, uniform portability, and multi-faceted protection system across different phases, the blockchain perfectly handles diverse present challenges as mentioned above. Collectively it helps in extracting the maximum output from the data collected on diverse levels.

MEVU ICO Details and Project Review

A Revolution in Online Betting

Sports-Betting have always been a well-known redirection and today it’s turned into a lifestyle for many individuals throughout the world. A contributing element in the present blast of Sports-Betting is credited to the appearance of the Internet. Online Sports Betting has reshaped the betting scene bigly. It’s presently more open than any time in recent memory and in a way has brought about transparency to an industry that used to be covered in mystery. On account of this, we currently have numerous options of how and where we place our bets.

The Market

The Sports Betting market involves the biggest market of the overall industry in the general betting business sector. It represents around 40% of the betting income generation globally. Technavio’s statistical surveying investigator predicts the global Sports Betting the market will grow at a CAGR of in excess of 4% amid the conjecture time frame 2016 to 2020.

Mevu utilizes smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to permanently & transparently store player’s fund & information, providing players with certainty that their bets will be executed safely & rapidly. Revolutionary fundamental technology requires an equally revolutionary customer experience. Mevu platform has been designed from the scratch to be custom-made to the exceptional type of betting & settlement offered by the blockchain. Mevu plans to wind up the most revered global platform made only for players to bet anything against anybody.


Legalized & regulated sports books enjoy marketing in standard channels; in any case, so as to do as such, sports books need to get expensive licenses in each ward they work in. Regardless of paying for these licenses, regulations still deny organizations from numerous types of marketing in the Canada, USA, and Asia. These licenses have a tendency to have a negative notoriety & don’t motivate much trust as there are different instances of sports books treating their players poorly & failing to pay out the winnings. 10 – 41% of Americans disclosed that many won bet has gone unpaid.

Another problem to traditional sports books is that the underlying capital required to help customer bets is restrictively high. The recommended minimum is to have under $300,000 with 1 million being the benchmark, and a more secure gauge to help bets legitimately.

Mevu Solution

Mevu is a peer-to-peer, decentralized application that matches players who consent to odds on a bet. These bets can be fixated on a sporting event or clients can make custom bets on anything with two conceivable results. Running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, menu’s open-source smart contract makes an anchored escrow that is freely visible. This enables players to follow their Ethereum cryptocurrency all through each progression of the betting process. Making true serenity that once the winner is determined the Ether will be paid out rapidly, safely & consequently.

All funds are held within a contract on the blockchain & no individual, organization or government can meddle with the payout. Mevu for all intents & purposes wipes out the risk of hacking & administrative impedance as there is no single purpose of disappointment in a blockchain network. By clearing payouts on Ethereum, Mevu can cut the holding up times of traditional sports books while reducing fees from 10% to as low as 2% since it is never handled by a bank or any outsider institution.

Mevu Token Supply

Mevu will likewise be including the capacity for token holders to compete no holds barred on provably reasonable gambling style mini-games. Cases of these games incorporate roulette & blackjack as well as simpler games, for example, shake/paper/scissors or a dice rolls where whoever parts higher wins the MVU token staked. The fees engaged with these games will be 0.2% with a breakdown of 0.05 for each pennies being sent to the referral/ reward fund & the remaining 0.15% being scorched bringing the supply of MVU tokens down.

MVU specification and ICO details:

Token type: Ethereum

ICO start date:  09/oct/2018

ICO end date: 10/dec/2018

Hard cap: 15,300,000 USD

A rate of a token (ICO): 0.34  USD

Min purchase: 10 USD

Accepting: ETH

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PEARL PAY – ICO review and Project details

PearlPay ICO

Pearl Pay is a Virtual-Money-Logistics-System that renders world-class service & affordable mobile wallet white-label services for rural banks. Utilizing the most recent innovation, Pearl Pay will enable rural banks to launch their own virtual prepaid mobile wallet in less than 30 days.

Something other than a virtual prepaid mobile wallet, PearlPay is a unique platform into which a broad scope of third-party services will be incorporated including local/ international money remittance, cryptocurrency exchange, & innovative payment solutions; enabling rural banks, Overseas Filipino Workers & Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. PearlPay is set to expand its international remittance services to Japan, Singapore, Middle East Hong Kong, and the United States in the coming years.

The Problem

Foreign payment network licenses & chip card based payment technologies are extremely costly. It’s only a well-established bank can offer such a service. Banks in the Philippines (February 2018): Rural Banks has the aggregate of 464 & 79%, Thrift Banks has the aggregate of 55 & 9%, Cooperative Banks has the aggregate of 25 & 4%, Commercial Banks has the aggregate of 22 & 4%, and finally, Universal Banks has the aggregate of 21 & 4%, the over-all total equivalent to 587 & 100%.

With the explanation stated above, 79% of the banks in the Philippines are rural banks. Only big banks & a handful of thrift banks are individuals from a foreign payment system, for example, MasterCard & Visa. Bancnet is a Philippine-based-Interbank-Network established in 1990. In spite of working in very nearly three decades, it just has a minor 6% market infiltration for rural banks. An amazing 94% rural bank does not approach Electronic-Money to know as E-Money. All E-Money transactions in the Philippines utilize the capital-intensive chip card-based technologies.

The Solution

Pearl Pay Pera Express Strategic Outlet is an innovative product intended to change micro, small & medium ventures with existing stores like the sari-sari store, pharmacy, hair parlor, pawnshop, gas station & other comparable sorts of organizations to wind up a money remittance agent.

PearlPay Remit is a mobile wallet application purposely designed for the millions of Overseas Filipino Workers that will enable them to transfer money to the Philippines with any single stress and at a small amount of a cost of a traditional bank wire transfer.

Pearl Pay Remit will utilize the Komodo Blockchain Platform. Komodo gives a structure & a white-label blockchain service that permits Pearl Pay to issue its own particular coins (i.e. PRLPAY Coin). PRLPAY Coin will be utilized as a medium of exchange which will enable our Overseas Filipino Workers to change over their fiat money into PRLPAY Coins; Pearl Pay Exchange will instantly & consequently convert the Overseas Filipino Workers PRLPAY Coins into the Philippine peso proportional.

Pearl Pay Exchange & ICO

Pearl Pay Exchange vision is to be the best exchange for trading cryptocurrencies, utility crypto-tokens, liquidity, & crowd-funding that energizes value development for the betterment of the world at large. Pearl Pay Exchange aims to provide a reliable, amazing & secured ICO platform, ensure the best enthusiasm of crowd-funding supporters & be top platform for crowd-funding.

However, most organizations have expressed their interests in launching their ICO through Pearl Pay Exchange, 2 Philippine-based organizations, US-based organization, & UK-based organization. In partnership with Komodo, Pearl Pay Exchange will have the capacity to offer Notarization Nodes for dPoW (Delayed Proof of Work) to anchor the asset chains of the ICO listed organizations made within the Pearl Pay Exchange Ecosystem. The fund raised will be utilized to quicken the development of Pearl Pay which including:

  • SMS & USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) application improvement
  • Delivery channel interface with MatchMove, Creo, & Komodo platform
  • Android, IOS, & dynamic web application a development
  • Blockchain & Bluetooth Low Energy innovative work
  • Third-party administration reconciliation
  • Legal & Regulations Activities
  • Administration & operations
  • Strategic partnership
  • Marketing & sales
  • Global expansion

PearlPay Coin

The PEARL PAY Coin will fill-in as a cryptocurrency that will be the medium of exchange to help the Pearl Pay Remit & Pearl Pay Exchange items.

PRLPAYToken specification and ICO details:

Token type: KOMODO

ICO start date:  01/sep/2018

ICO end date: 30/oct/2018

Hard cap: 175,000,000 USD

A rate of a token (ICO): 0.2  USD

Min purchase: 100 USD

Accepting: BTC and KMD (KOMODO)

Bonus: Up to 20% (for Pre-sale only)

PRLPAY Token distribution details:

Tokensale: 35%

Team: 20%

Ecosystem: 30%

Partnership: 13.5%

Bounty and Advisors: 1.5%

Contact Link: