Top 6 Best Bitcoin Mixer Services

If you are new in Crypto world then you may think that Bitcoin is decentralized, fast, transparent and anonymous currency. No it is not fully anonymous. Anyone can track your transactions if he has your BTC address, after all Bitcoin is transparent too. For some people this is problem because they don’t like that people came to know how many BTC they hold or transact. As we know every problem has solution, here Bitcoin Mixer is solution. With the help of Bitcoin Mixers you can transact Bitcoin anonymously.

There are numbers of Bitcoin Mixer sites. Some of them are scam, some of them have high fees and some of them has low security of site. Many people call it Bitcoin Tumbler too.

How does it work? You send your BTC to Mixer site, they mix your coins  and provide you new fresh coins the coins which are not traceable. Bitcoin mixer is not free service.

Here is the list of some best BTC Mixer services. We are not promoting any services below.

Note: You can suggest us more by doing comment below. Or let us know if any Bitcoin Mixer is turned into scam by doing comment below.

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