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5 Best Bitcoin And CryptoCurrency Exchange Scripts In 2024

by cryptocreed
Bitcoin And CryptoCurrency Exchange Scripts

Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by cryptocreed

Wants to start your own cryptocurrency or bitcoin exchange site? Here are the list and review of bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange scripts.

Starting your own exchange is not an easy task. Success in the current scenario is also not easy because there are many and many active exchanges working in the market.

Users are always looking for a safe, easy, fast, secure, and transparent exchange site. If you can provide all these things plus some unique features then no one can stop to get success and yes you will get “LAMBO”.

This article is dedicated to a list of cryptocurrency and BTC or Bitcoin exchange script hence I am not going to talk about how you can get success or how you can start your own cryptocurrency exchange website.

But just before looking at this cryptocurrency exchange software or scripts, you must know that exchange sites need huge funds to advertise it.

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Avoid Online Scam – Bitcoin Exchange Script

Nowadays there are already many script sellers on the internet. If you google, “best cryptocurrency exchange scripts” then you will find lots of sites that are selling cryptocurrency script or creating it from scratch for you. But who knows who is trusted and scammer?

What if you purchase a script from somewhere and it contains a virus? or what if the seller didn’t reply to you after getting the payment? or what if the script is not secure?

To avoid these scams you need to talk more and more with sellers. Most buyers do direct talk, ask a simple question and when they get satisfactory answers (which is definitely what they will get because sellers are ready with it first) they just purchase that script or his service. As a buyer, you should keep asking more questions, ask the same question again and again in a different way, talk one day, and then not talk for the next few days, and check sellers’ attitudes between this time and now again talk with him. Behave like you are dealing with the mafia.

Check the background of the site and team, such service providers rarely share their team details, and if they do then verify it. Check when their domain was registered and ask them when they are operating. Ask them if they have worked before & verified it.

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There are many more things to avoid which we are not going to discuss here.

List of Cryptocurrency Exchange Scripts

There are many cryptocurrency exchange script providers. Below are some known but use them at your risk.

Crypterion – Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Crypterion is a peer-to-peer crypto exchange with a self-hosted wallet. It is available on CodeCanyon. They sold out 80 copies with a 4-star rating from 14 users.

The price for the script is 99$ and 399$. The cheap version accepts only one coin whereas the costlier version accepts almost all coins. The demo is available on Codecanyon itself.

Crypterion Alternatives:

  • Trademen 4.1 – 47 Sales and 5 Star rating
  • Nishue – 415 Sales and a 5-star rating


BitDeal is one of the most known crypto exchange script providers. They are also known for their clone works. You will find almost every crypto exchange clone script.

They also develop smart contracts, escrow scripts, DEX & CEX scripts, and many more.

For demos and prices, you have to contact them.


CES is an India-based script development. They mostly work for CEX and DEX crypto exchanges, Crypto-to-fiat exchanges, Peer-to-peer trading platforms, and Leverage crypto exchanges.

Their demo is available on their website but it looks very simple like the graviex site.


They claim that they can build the most secure crypto exchange in the market and they are the most trusted company in India. They have developed more than 50 products for their customers.

According to the website they are experienced in the following Supply chain, Healthcare, E-commerce, Insurance, Real Estate, FMCG, IoT, AI, Identity Management, and Government Records.

Click here to go.


Tradebox is an advanced crypto trading software. It is the ultimate cryptocurrency trading platform management system. It is almost an alternative to Binance. It has both the front-end part and the backend. Front-end refers to a responsive website to explore your business. A trader can register to your platform and use it effortlessly.

They support GoUrl, Payeer, PayPal, Stripe, and Mobile Money. And almost they support all coins. You can control your users and website through the backend or admin panel.

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These are some best cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange scripts you can find on the internet. I strongly suggest doing some advanced research before purchasing any script.


Conclusion: Never use a cryptocurrency exchange script nulled. Bitcoin exchange software is easily available but “bitcoin exchange script” security of it is still questionable.

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