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5 Best HYIP Script To Start Your Own HYIP Website In 2024

by cryptocreed
5 Best & Cheap HYIP Script

Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by cryptocreed

Wants to start your own HYIP-related sites? Then you are in the right place. Here I am going to review the best HYIP Script which is rocking in the market.

What Is HYIP?

For those who don’t know what HYIP is, then, HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. HYIP sites are the platform where you invest money to get high returns in a very short time period.

NOTE: Most HYIP programs are marked as Ponzi schemes.

It is a Ponzi scheme because such a site pays old investors from new investors’ pockets. It means they are filling old investors’ pockets by taking new investors’ funds.

HYIP cycle, Platform> first investor> Invests fund> refer new investor> new investor invest> refer new investor> invest and it goes on.

If you want to know more about HYIP then visit Wikipedia’s High-yield investment program page.

Best HYIP Script To Buy

There are many HYIP scripts you can find on Google but most of them are scams or not working or have not been updated for a long time. So I suggest you contact the support team before buying any.


ZeligzWebstore’s HYIP script is one of the best and most secure HYIP script providers in the market. They also provide multiple Hyip templates.

Their templates are can be used for bitcoin doubler, mining, crypto betting, ICO, and many more. For security, they are using PHP coding and the Laravel framework.

It is a Mohali, India-based company.

Bitvest – Bitcoin Hyip Script

Bitvest is a high-yield investment script that can be used without prior knowledge of programming. Fully automated, unique design, unit facility, profit calculator & more facilities come with Bitvest. It is the most advanced Bitcoin HYIP script in the market. It has the latest and advanced technology that is adaptable and modern. It is fully responsive and provides top-notched features to manage your traders


  • Live profit calculator
  • Subscriber section
  • Trading related blogs
  • Social sharing section
  • Informative menu’s
  • Innovative user dashboard
  • Investment packages
  • Investment purchased information
  • Withdraw funds & profit
  • Withdraw history
  • Deposit fund or fund account
  • Deposit history
  • Earning log
  • Wallet Settings for payout
  • Edit profile
  • Email notifications

ECHyip – Best HYIP Script

ECHYIP specializes in offering quality and bug-free HYIP scripts for its customers to create an online HYIP business. Our goal is to collect the information of investors and provide the HYIP script according to their requirements.


EC HYIP claims that they provide the lowest price, comfort, features, performance, security, and friendly customer support service. Our mission is to maintain a relationship with customers. ECHyip also provides security and features like website design & development, SEO, database solutions, SEO friendly, etc.

Online Trade

Online Trade is your No 1 solution for creating an investment platform. Forex, stock, and cryptocurrency investment and monitoring are now simplified. looking for a Bitcoin HYIP script? then this is the best Bitcoin HYIP script.


Online Trade makes it easy for you to run your own online investment system within minutes. It is a fully responsive & dynamic investment Platform built with Laravel Framework. It’s now easy to get started with your own Investment system.

Some people/website claims that this is the open-source HYIP script but it is not.

You can purchase this script only from Codecanyo, they have sold out more than 400 times. They have a 5-star rating from 72 customers.

Their features like:

  • Supports LTC, BTC, and ETH.
  • 2FA verification
  • 5 Levels of Referral System
  • KYC
  • Signup Bonus
  • Live chat management
  • Mass email to all users
  • Referral system


PamHyip is another HYIP or Ponzi Scheme script provider that comes with various features. Some useful features are mentioned below. This HYIP script for sale. This is one of the cheap HYIP scripts.


  • Conventional member account plans with customizable facilities.
  • Instant payment notification based on contribution and product sales.
  • Maintain customer database info.
  • Individual and group payment mgmt segment
  • HTML into tool
  • Built-in settings that are constructed to permit connections to Social Networking pages.
  • Capability to set up commission fees and transaction fees based on different activities.
  • At any time users get the payment instantly if the admin sets the payout as instant.
  • Users can make a request to release the deposit at any time.
  • The exchange of e-currency is simple by accessing the member area.
  • Quick-to-respond design
  • Different pay methods (BTC, EGOpay, EVOWallet, Neteller, Payeer, Paypal, Webmoney, and many more.)
  • Customizable Report
  • Referral tool statistics
  • IP Block


Pulse Hyip 

That’s all


Above is some best Crypto HYIP Script you can find on the internet. In the end, HYIP sites are very risky and mostly created by scammers. If you are an investor then I suggest not investing in such sites.

You may find the HYIP script nulled version on the internet. The nulled version always comes with some extra codes which might not safe for you.

If I missed any script then comment below I will evaluate and add them to this list. Hyip manager script

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