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Seniority bonuses:  Claim continuously for 30 days and get extra 10% bonus on every claim

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FreeBitcoin upto 200$  

Bitcoset 2000 satoshi


Rules are changed please read rules beofre claim!


Claim every 3 minute

claim 35 to 3000 satoshi  

payment procced once in week 

Minimum payout is 30,000 satoshi

15 Claim Maximum per person every 24 hour





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29 thoughts on “Bitcoin Faucet

  1. reached the withdraw threshold, may i ask how OR when this be transferred to my wallet?
    How’s the process on this – do you have schedule or something like that?

    It would be good if these are posted directly from the page of the faucet (suggestion)

    Thanks and more power,

    RAUL D

    1. Thanks for visit and suggestion.We have threshold for 10,000 satoshi which we proceed manually every 2nd day.if you have reached threshold you will received your satoshi in your faucethub account within 2 days.

      1. Surely, thanks for the info. It will be great to track on that.

        By the way why won’t you post the info under the schedule after reaching threshold under your main page or directly from the faucet page, that would at least calm faucet claimers here =)

        Thanks and more power!

  2. hi there!

    I just noticed that the “SENIORITY PAYOUT” does not follow…
    I see, Address seniority: 34 days and payout shows only 10 – 10% how come?

    Advice please. thanks.

  3. Sir,
    Please Enable my bitcoin address

    Sorry, I forgot that to claim only 10 times and so I claimed 11 times unexpectedly yesterday.
    I never repeat this.

    Please reply me.

  4. Sir,
    Please Enable my bitcoin address

    Sorry, I forgot that to claim only 10 times and so I claimed 11 times unexpectedly yesterday.
    I never repeat this.

    Please reply me.

  5. may i ask how much is the current threshold for balance to be processed to
    I see that it supposedly was 20000sat now it increased again to 25000 without notice.
    If so, when can this +20000sat be expected to be processed.

    Thanks and more power

    1. Payment threshold was changed only for today, because our account has not sufficient balance to procced today’s payout but we refill the account,you can continue your claiming and sharing.

  6. Hi
    I am facing captcha problem for last three days, after successful click on the captcha block and submit for claim, it shows wrong captcha for each time. Please help me to resolve my problem.

  7. kingoffaucet says:
    March 28, 2017 at 12:26 pm
    Currently Seniority Bonus is 10% for 30 days and 25% for 50 days.
    We forget to change on faucet page. 🙂

    Above I just copy pest your message, Therefore My seniority is over 55 days but still getting 10% May be there are new update i did not notice. Please let me know….

  8. Due to my system lag most of the time not showing the counting, I Will take care next time onward. Please re-enable my address,…13yE9UENie7q3XdaLRv1beMKg4vXazewv8

    Thanking you…

          1. Yes sir..get the payment already..thanks!! But why my address was disable?so sad..please check 3GdttwoWeVnwxzsRi34Ghq92v5v81yjrAW

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